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Cinematic Trailer Music Package 

Cinematic Trailer Music

What’s in the package?

Royalty free Music Package created for video editors and animators containing 62 audio tracks.

Contains: – Epic Soundtracks (20)
- Theme Sounds (8)
- Sound Scapes (5)
- SlowMusic (8)

Price : $88Buy Now


Included Bonus: – Statics (5)
- Transition Effects (5)
- Deep Drones (6)
- Hits (5)

Audio sample:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Intro Video


Epic Soundtracks

Themes and Loops

Soundscapes, Transitions & FX

How this package was created:

When creating video intros and animations for our clients we ran in to the same obstacle every time. They wanted us to use a good music track, “something like on those cool movie trailers from the movies”  one client stated.

At times it was difficult to meet there expectations because we are a video creator team and had no knowledge of creating music, wile we did have music creator partners, the budget of the client did not cover a $600+ bill just for the audio.

So we tried stock music sites, they were ok, but did not deliver the music stile and quality that we were looking for, lots of work hours were lost wile searching for an acceptable audio track that our client would also like.

As video editors we needed something better, something that would make our videos come alive and give our intros that Hollywood Blockbuster sound.

This is when the idea of the Cinematic Trailer Music was born, we were working closely together with Martijn De Bont, the well known music composer from the Nederlands, in order to show him exactly what style of music we video editors need.

Martijn worked 4 months on this music package until finally all the 62 tracks were finished, yes 4 months is quite a long time but he is a perfectionist and made sure that each and every audio track is well built with a new original sound and melody.

We were very happy with the outcome and now the content of the Cinematic Trailer Music is being used also on our templates. Please take a look at the Tron template, that was built using one of the music tracks from our package:

We hope this music package will help you just as much in your work as it helps us

Let us know if you have any questions

Thank you!

Gyorfi Szilard

Price : $88 Buy Now

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12 Responses to “Music Tracks”

  1. Reply Carlos Zepeda says:

    Very Clean!

  2. Reply Zamir says:

    Thank you Gyorfi, your efforts make life alot simpler and better for us all. I will certainly be making this purchase just like I purchase most of your after effects projects. Keep up hard the work it is really appreciated. Zamir from Glasgow in Scotland (UK)

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Dear Zamir,

      I am glad to see that our projects are helping you and simplifying your work, your feedback is much appreciated.

      Thank you for supporting our work.

  3. Reply Wee Liang says:

    Hi Gyorfi,

    May I ask if there is a limit to the usage of the music package?

    And please do advice me on how to quote the music in the credits too. Thank you!!

  4. Reply Josh says:

    How do you do the professional background voice? Is it using a software or a real person?


  5. Reply Cecil Katire says:

    Hi there I m soo upset cause I got this email of soundtrack offer and when I check it is not there anymore.

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Dear Cecil, the Music Package was at a very special offer that lasted 7 hours, I am sorry to hear that you are upset. We are preparing a new offer for 2 of our templates, and we plan to make it available 24 hours. You will be notified via email as soon as we launch it. Thank you for your understanding.

  6. Reply Petr Miskovsky says:

    I would like to ask you, if there is any possibility to buy just one or two songs. I’m not a designer or animator and wanna just use it for my trailer for my book. I personally shoot all videos so i’d like to have rights also for the music used there. Through this trailer I’d like to sell the book, but the whole pack of songs is too expensive and necessary for me.
    thanks in advance

  7. Reply Kevin Coombs says:

    I have used your past AE templates and Tuturials for help learning AE. I recently purchased the Cinematic Trailer Music and used it in a project Logo reveal. (Alien_Theme_100BPM) I hope to use this awesome sound pack for a lot of my future work to spice up my projects with great sound.

    Kevin Coombs –

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