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Collect Missing Files in After Effects Tutorial


Today we are going to take a look at the collect files feature in AE and how to use it to avoid the missing files error. Now, in an earlier tutorial we’ve discussed this error so as a short recap here’s what happens : we open up a project and AE tells us there are missing files. We need to locate these files in the project area,
they are highlighted in italic characters and they have icons that resemble TV Color Bars. Navigate thru all the folders in the project area to locate the missing files, then simply double click on the file and locate it on your computer.

*If a group of files are missing, but they are located in the same folder, just click on a single file and AE will automatically import all the other misssing files.

*OK, so now that our problem is fixed let’s go ahead and collect the files from this project, so later on, when you decide to move the project to another location on you computer or another computer, you won’t get the missing files error again.*

Select File and Collect Files. Before AE can collect files, we need to save the project first.

AE will create a folder containing the project file and all it’s assets an footage.If you want to move the project to a different location later on,just keep in mind to move the entire folder with all it’s content.

Thank you very much and I’ll see you soon.

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