Free SnowStorm Project

Posted in: OK - Oct 09, 2009 12 Comments

Hey guys, I have been experimenting with a couple of particle effects, initially I used this project to create a banner form my old site. You can download this project for free.

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Other After Effects Templates
Other After Effects Templates

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12 Responses to “Free SnowStorm Project”

  1. Reply Gregori Niculitcheff says:

    Snow is lighter than rain drops, the snow angle need be greater than rain drop :)

  2. Reply Adrian says:

    Does this work in Sony Vegas9 pro :(?

  3. Reply Mike says:

    Fantastic looking snow and rain. Was able to use this as inspiration for a project where I needed to make some snow. Your project gave me some great ideas and directions to go. Thanks for sharing the project!

  4. Reply Jason Pabon says:

    When I open the file it says Effect missing CC rain and CC snow same for the other free templates i’ve search in google for the downloads but i cant find any , how can i download them ?

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Please make sure you use the full version of after effects, because these plugins get installed only on when you enter the serial number.

  5. Reply kalai selvan says:

    thank you for your great help.

  6. Reply Devoter says:

    Nice nice. I work in CS 5 and everything works perfect..
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Reply Uliche says:

    I can’t download it free :S it says that i must pay for download the template.Can you help me ?

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      The template is free, in the shopping cart the “0″ dollar $ can bee seen.

      Just click the checkout and it will work.

      Thanks for asking the question!

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