Virtual Studio Set 2

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Virtual Studio 2 After Effects  template is created for editors who want to incorporate a green screen video with a presenter in there projects.The main features:

  • The length can be changed easily to fit the exact duration of your video presentation, supporting videos of up to 1 hour
  • You can edit the timing of all the animations by moving just two marks. This is a revolutionary new way to construct projects, so that you can change timing and animation very easily. You will love this new feature!
  • We have included 4 colors setups, as well as our 3 click color system that will let you change all colors to mach your brand
  • A detailed Video Tutorial is included to show you step by step how to edit the project.

This project has 4 main segments:

1 Intro

2 studio whit one reporter

3 double screen for live interviews

4 studio desk with two reporters

You can use or remove any of the segments, and create cuts between them easily. The transition effect can be placed over the cuts whit just 2 clicks.

video tutorial

This After Effects Template contains a Video Tutorial that will show you how to easily Edit the project

After Effects Compatible

This project is compatible with Adobe After Effect CS3 and higher.(CS4, CS5, CS6, CC etc)

Color Versions

In this AE Project 4 different color versions are included as well as an Easy to use color changing system, that allows you to create unlimited color variations.

Full HD

Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD (Separate compositions for HD720, NTSC, and PAL are also included)

Music not included

File not included with the template. Can be downloaded from here.

No Plugins Needed

No Plugins Needed

Works on both PC and Mac

This After Effects Template works on Mac OS as well as on Windows PC.

3x Tested for Quality

The project has passed the BlueFX quality assurance test. 3 video editors tested the files on different machines with various configurations to make sure that it works as expected


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And you can’t go wrong with this incredible guarantee!
30 day money back guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that the Virtual Studio Set 2 After Effects Template will help you create stunning video that we’re offering an unconditional, NO questions asked 30 days money back guarantee.

If for whatever reason, the Virtual Studio Set 2 After Effects Template doe not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll refund you right away.

So, if for any reason, you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 30 days. Simply contact us. We will always refund your money.
Give it a try…You have nothing to lose…


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12 Responses to “Virtual Studio Set 2”

  1. Reply Brandon says:

    I was wondering if this template will work for someone who has not bought any plugins.. I tried to work on the free templates to test out your work, however there were plugins needed for “the people’s template”. I followed your tutorial perfectly, and it still will not work. I want to buy this template but i need to know if i am looking at having to pay $134 for this digital set. Does this template include everything?

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Brandon, the template can be used whit the standard version of Adobe After Effects CS3 or newer (CS4 CS5 CS5.5)

      You wont need any plugins, just make sure that your After Effects is the full version. On the trial version that works for 30 days Adobe limits the effects.

      Thank you

  2. Reply Josh says:

    Will I be able to move the presenter from right to left or left to right like it is displayed on the sample video?
    I mean I see the floor moving. Is this actually possible with your template or is that not part of the template?

    • Reply BlueFx Support says:

      Yes you will be able to able to change the presenter from left to right or vice versa.
      All the elements including the floor moving is part of the template and everything has been done in After Effects.

  3. Reply Barby Ingle says:

    Does this template (Virtual Studio 2) work in Vegas Pro? I purchased the AE version and love it, but we are using Vegas Pro instead of Premiere and was hoping it could be used in Vegas Pro so we could do it all in one program. Thanks

    • Reply BlueFx Support says:

      We are sorry Barby our templates don’t work in Vegas Pro. All our templates are created in Adobe After Effects and hence in order to edit them you would require Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher

  4. Reply Aj says:

    Just two questions, do you need a green screen in order to use this software ? Can this be used as a stand alone or do I need to purchase Adobe in order to use this particular package ?

    Thank you!

    • Reply BlueFx Support says:

      It is not Stand Alone and you would require Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher in order to edit the template.Yea green screen videos would be ideal.

  5. Reply Bernie Svalstad says:

    I purchased template from you and I really think you have done a great job in offering this product.

    Bernie Svalstad

  6. Reply Lamine Djaziri says:

    I am using virtual studio 2 and I get a real impact on my site by adding a weekly video. I reach 5000 fans on 6 weeks. VS is very powerful and the training video is very simple to understand. The phone/online support was very helpful for tricky aspect.

  7. Reply Evan Jones says:

    With limited time on my hands I was able to use a Blue FX Template to create a profesional opening and closing sequence to my video. It was surprisingly easy to use even though I had never used aftereffects ever before. With these templates from BFX its debatable wether its worth doing it your self when you consider the cost of the template vs the time you would have to spend to create something of equal quality. Great product, Great price. Thanks

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