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Template Description

Ever dreamt of having your own studio but dread the cost ? Our “Virtual Studio TV Set” is the perfect answer to this. You don’t have to be a millionaire now to have your own production house complete with your studio. Just get your actors/anchors, shoot out that great looking video with a green screen and you are good to go!

Be it a News show, a live interview or a presentation, you are all ready with this template that has videos in the background, moving text, statistics chart and the presenter!

The background videos can be replaced by images or videos, this after effects template among other templates has 3 different setups, one with the tv screen on the left side, one with 2 tv screens and the last one with a tv screen on the right side.

In the TV screens you can chose to use a video, a picture or the statistics-photo-portrait gadget that you see on the preview video.

UPDATE: Now you can use this template for video presentations up to 60 minutes.
Pricing and Purchase Information

The price of this template is


By making a purchase, you agree to have read our Copyright Agreement.


Template Details

Created in Adobe After Effects CS3

Presentations up to 60 minutes

Download File Size 95 MB


Platform: Works on both MAC and PC

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects CS3 and higher

Plugin: No plugins required

Resolution: 1920X1080 Full HD (Separate compositions for HD720, NTSC, and PAL are also included)

Music: File not included with the template

Images/Video Footage: Not included

Tutorial: Video Tutorial with voice


Download Details

Once you buy this template, you will immediately receive the download link to your email id. You can download using that link up to 5 times. After that the link expires. If you need to download the template again, please write to our support and we will reactivate the link for you. There is no charge for that.

Note: We provide our templates as a downloadable file only and don’t ship them in physical mediums such as CD, DVD etc.

Your download will contain the following items:

1. The template file in .aep format. (You will need Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher to open this file)

2. All other files related to the template.

3. Music File (if included)

4. Footage File (if included)

5. Video Tutorial with voice (You will need any standard video player to open this file)

Customization Service

We offer customization services for all our templates. The price for a Basic customization of this template starts at Only $149.

Get it Customized $149

Ideas for use

This template is best used for

  1. TV News
  2. Presentation with live person on screen
  3. Interviews



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32 Responses to “Virtual Studio TV Set”

  1. Reply Sebastian says:

    Hi…My name is Sebastian
    First, i am from Argentina and my English is not good, so i will write in spanish, so maybe you need a good translator

    Necesito saber los detalles del preset en español, y lo mas me interesa saber es como manejo los tiempos de los preset en pantalla, me explico?


    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Sebastian, now you can change the duration of the template up to 60 minutes, please take a look at the tutorial on the page.

  2. Reply MAARA says:


    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Yes Maara

      You can change all the text and use any language. The videos in the background and TV screens can also be changed, instead of videos you can also use pictures.

      In the video tutorial I will show you how to change all of the videos and text.

  3. Reply Khawar says:

    Can I Use this virtual set for other machine like tricaster, where I can key out chroma for live footage and use ur VS as Background.

  4. Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

    Spence Brock asked us:

    Hello, we are looking to purchase the Virtual Studio TV Set for After Effects Template this week. I wanted to know if we will be able to change the text in the crawling “Breaking News” section of the comp. I wasn’t sure if all the layers are saved out to edit or if they are mixed down. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!

    The Answer:

    The “Breaking News” text can be changed easily. In fact you can change all of the text layers, this is demonstrated in the tutorial video that comes in the download package.

    All the layers are editable, this allows you to see how they have been built, how the effects function and you may even change them. The project is made entirely in After Effects and none of the layers are prerendered.

  5. Reply Bob says:

    Can I change the test that runs across the screen saying breaking news to other words? And is that knowledge in the tutorial?


    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Yes, you can change all the text layers that you see in the video preview. In the video tutorial I demonstrate how each text composition can be changed.


  6. Reply julio zavala says:

    thanks so much , this is a great update,because a have been working with more than 30 seconds footage

  7. Reply julio zavala says:

    it is possible to make an update with an extra angle,so we can play with a close up ,because i have been moving stuff around so i can use more angles but it takes more time, it would be awsome if you do this update,but 60 minutes footage duration ..thats insane!!!!i have impressed everybody in my church with this template…thanks to you .

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Thank you Julio!

      From the feed-backs we noticed that users have different durations for there video presentation, that is why we decided to make the project as flexible in duration as we can.

      We have 3 different setups in the project, you could make the colors the same for all the 3 of them, after you render out the 3 videos with the same presenter,you could switch between shots, this way you will have 3 different camera positions for your project.

  8. Reply Marc says:

    Hello, will this work on Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10.0? Thanks

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      The project is an After Efftects Template, so it will work only if you have Adobe After Effects installed.

      Thanks for asking.

  9. Reply Kruno says:

    can this be used for live TV broadcasting and how?

  10. Reply Vlady says:

    Hi- Jó reggelt!

    great job on virtual studio!! I’m pretty sure you can compete with CNN designers soon!

    Q 1: Can you include script in news ticker line so After FX. will load alll news from XML feed or just text file?

    Q 2: What’s included in $325 for more accustomised template?

    Q 3: How much extra $$ will be 3-4 openeres, bumpers and in-betweeners plz?

    Q 4: What’s your skype plz?

    Once again, thanx for great job… You are star !!


    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Hi Vlady

      Thank you! I am glad to hear such good feedback.

      A 1) It is possible to edit text from an After Effects project using an XML file, but you would still have to render the video when every time make a text change.
      I would recommend that you change the text inside After Effects because it is quite easy to do, in the included video tutorial we show you step by step how to edit the text, images, videos and even how to render.

      A 2) Please open this page for more information about the template customization service:
      on this template we may also do the green screen editing if the video is shot with good lighting and no shadows.

      A 3) Please send an email with the detailed description of the bumpers and openers that you will need to contact (at) and we will get back to you with a price estimate.

      A 4) my skype id is : gyorfi-bluefx

      Kellemes Napot :)

  11. Reply Oliver Ehlers says:

    Hi can one change all the images, from the back areas, the big screens and any picture on the screen?

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Hi Oliver

      Yes, all images can be changed in the template (back area, the big screen(s) even the statistics screen can be changed or totally replaced with your image), you can chose to use images or even videos

      Thank you for asking

  12. Reply Ahmad says:

    are there any way to Arabic chars (unicode) in after effects?, especially in your products!

  13. Reply Mihály says:


    Thanks so much , this is a great template!


  14. Reply hp says:

    i wonder how long it takes to render a 5 minute video. can you give me an idea please? i bought the Action Slideshow from you and after finishing the customization, the render time amounted to 6 hours on an 8 core mac pro (2.4ghz). thanks.

  15. Reply Tereza Nedelescu says:

    Hey wow this is way cool dude!

  16. Reply Robert says:

    Really nice work, but I think you are focused little too much on news. You should make something for presentations on youtube for example, if someone want to deliver his high quality content, to explain something, and to promote his products in that way.

    • Reply BlueFx Support says:

      Thank you for your suggestion we will definitely keep that in mind while creating future templates.

  17. Reply Stan Weiss says:

    thanks very much for your templates and your help..i find it amazing that someone like myself with just an average knowledge of after effects can
    put out such a dazzling result!!

  18. Reply Laszlo Csuka says:

    Many thanks for your templates. They really help amateurs to make excellent videos.

    Laszlo Csuka

  19. Reply fastflyingvideos says:

    We have used BlueFx Products for several clients projects. Additionally we also have used their excellent products for our own internal projects. They (BlueFx Projects) are easy to use and understand and support is fast and spot on if needed. We have tried others but continue to find BlueFX to be of the quality and versatility we demand for our clients. –

  20. Reply Itamar Yonisy says:

    It is so easy to work that i finished my project in 1 hour.

    Itamar Yonisy

  21. Reply T Y Young says:

    Great template!! I found it to be very professional and a lot more realistic than other companies virtual sets.


  22. Reply Dave O says:

    Gyorfi – You definitely take it to another level! I\’m a huge fan of your work and appreciate how well you walk us thru on the tutorials.
    Dave O

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