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Template Description

Wedding is perhaps one of the most memorable event in a person’s life. Why not make it even more memorable ?

Our “Wedding” After Effect template will help you do exactly that. Get some of your best wedding images together, put them in our template and voila! its all done.

Send the video to your friends/relatives and let them have a share in your wonderful experience too. We are sure you will be showered with complements.

A secret? Make a video now, store it in a safe place and forget about it. Take it out on your 50th anniversary. We are sure that will become one of the most memorable moment in your life.

Pricing and Purchase Information

The price of this template is


By making a purchase, you agree to have read our Copyright Agreement.


Template Details

Created in Adobe After Effects CS3

This template has 14 text placeholders

And 16 image placeholders

Download File Size is 175 MB

Total Duration of the template is 90 seconds


Platform: Works on both MAC and PC

Compatibility: Adobe After Effects CS3 and higher

Plugin: No plugins required

Resolution: 1920X1080 Full HD (Separate compositions for HD720, NTSC, and PAL are also included)

Music: File not included with the template. Can be downloaded from here.

Images/Video Footage: Not included

Tutorial: Video Tutorial with voice


Download Details

Once you buy this template, you will immediately receive the download link to your email id. You can download using that link up to 5 times. After that the link expires. If you need to download the template again, please write to our support and we will reactivate the link for you. There is no charge for that.

Note: We provide our templates as a downloadable file only and don’t ship them in physical mediums such as CD, DVD etc.

Your download will contain the following items:

1. The template file in .aep format. (You will need Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher to open this file)

2. All other files related to the template.

3. Music File (if included)

4. Footage File (if included)

5. Video Tutorial with voice (You will need any standard video player to open this file)

Customization Service

We offer customization services for all our templates. The price for a Basic customization of this template starts at Only $149.

Get it Customized $149

Ideas for use

This template is best used for

  1. Wedding Memoirs


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8 Responses to “Wedding”

  1. Reply Huy says:


    Nice template. I was just wondering if it is possible to add more images than what you have showing in the album section of this template and would it be difficult to add if possible?


    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Hello Huy

      Thank you for asking this question
      Because of the complex animation on the images, it is best to use this template with the same number of images that you can see on the preview.
      This way you can edit the entire project really fast and with ease. In the tutorial video you will see step by step how to change the pictures and how to render the video.

  2. Reply Sean says:

    Awesome template, but can more pages be added to this template??

    • Reply Gyorfi Szilard says:

      Thank you Sean.

      The way the project is constructed and animated allows you to easily change the images and text without having to animate keyframes, adding more pages would need more complex editing that also require changing timing and position. This can be done by advanced after effects users but the best way to use the template is if you work with the number of images that is presented on the preview.

  3. Reply Michael says:

    Can all of the text be changed? I have a use for this template but it is for a young couple that was just engaged and I need to be able to change the wording “Our Wedding” on the cover to something more appropriate for the engagement pictures. “Our Love” or Our Engagement” or something similar.

    Thank you so much for these beautiful templates.


    • Reply Marcelo says:

      Hi Michael
      We appreciate your comments about the Wedding Template. Really thanks.
      Answering your question you actually can change all the text that you see. Beside this the template comes with a video tutorial where we explain how to customize the whole project by your self even the text elements.
      If you have any other question please feel free to contact our support team again.

      Best regards

      Marcelo Cabral
      Technical Support

  4. Reply Michael Powell says:

    I received almost an immediate response showing me how to overcome the problem. The template works very well and the way BlueFX is so quick to assist their customers is simply amazing. Thanks so much for your beautiful work.

  5. Reply Renae Moreno says:

    The After Effects templates are fantastic! Very Easy to use, and they look fabulous and professional. I have bought many templates from BlueFX and I will definitely continue in future. Very highly recommended.

    Renae Moreno -

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