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5 Color Hacks In Adobe Premiere Pro for your AE Projects by BlueFX

In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 Color Hacks that you can use and implement right away in Premiere Pro and the results will be fantastic.

Let’s jump right into it and take a look at how they work.

1. White balance fix

If you have footage that was shot with an off-white balance then you can fix that really easily using the temperature slider inside the White balance menu.


This will fix the white balance but the highlights might look too orange or too blue, so to fix that head over to the color wheels and push the opposites colors into the shadows and highlights until the shadows start to look black and your highlights white.


This will make the white balance look more natural.

2. Remove digital noise from your footage

If you need to record a video in low light conditions, the chances are you will need to crank up your ISO which will result in digital noise and unwanted pixels.


Most of the noise will be visible in your shadow so to fix that head over to the HSL Secondary panel and select the entire color spectrum, then only select the first range of the lightness, while making sure that no colors are selected but only the shadows.


Next, head over to the “Correction” Panel and decrease the saturation. This will improve the quality of the shot and make it look better.

3. Color correction for specific areas of a scene

If you don’t want to apply the color correction to an entire scene, you can head over to the Effect Controls panel and under the lumetri color, panel chooses the pen tool, then draw a mask around the area you wish to have isolated.


You can now do your color grading on that section.


and also make sure to feather out the mask so it looks more natural.


If the subject is moving, you can press the play button and Premiere will start motion tracking the mask path.


4. Export your color grading

Color grading setting can also be exported and shared and you can do this by going to the Lumetri Color Panel and in the drop-down menu choose “Export Cube”. This will export your setting as a LUT in the Cube format.


To load the preset, you can go to the “Creative” section, open up the “Look” drop-down menu and choose “custom”. Locate your saved file and it will instantly be applied to your footage.


You can also add your custom LUT inside your Premiere installation folder and this will make the preset be permanently available in the Look menu section.


To do that locate the Premiere Pro installation folder, then go to Lumetri, LUTs and then Creative. Then simply copy and paste your custom LUTs in here.

5. Enhancing clouds shots

You can enhance the look of the clouds in a shot by creating a mask around the sky so you can grade the upper part of the clip. The trick is to lower the exposure, except for the highlights.


Head over to the Curves panel and create 2 points to make the sky darker.


Create an arc.


Then pull a bit on the highlights as well. Make sure to not overdo it.


The sky will stand out and it will have a more dramatic look.

That’s it for today and we’ll see you soon with more cool tips and tricks for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

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