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Business Studio


* music included
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You’ll Get The Following Benefits When Investing In This BlueFx After Effects Template:
• Unlimited License
• Beginner Safe Structure
• Video Training Guide
• 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Discount Bundle Option For This Template:

Virtual Studio Bundle

The Virtual Studio Bundle contains:

Virtual Studio TV Set ($149), Virtual Studio Set 2 ($199), Business Studio ($249) and Virtual News 4 ($299) templates.

Total Value: $896
Bundle Price: $599
You Save: $297


The BlueFx Business Studio After Effects Template contains the:

-intro and logo presentation (worth $40)
-presenter shot (worth $ 35)
-full screen video shot (worth $25)Extra Elements:
-time adjustable screen for images or video, to precisely time the content you plan to show to your actors speech (worth $25)
-3 different animated lowerthirds , to display title and names (worth $35)
-3 easy to use transitions, to compose your video your own way, with as many cuts between parts as you need (worth $35)
– step by step video tutorial, so even beginners in after effects can use the Business Studio (worth $35)

Special Features
-supports green screen video
-supports up to 1 hour of video footage
-optimized for super fast rendering

Bonus (worth $105)-included for free
-3 different voiceless shots of the presenter girl, so you can create a presentation video even if you don’t have your own green screen actor (worth $70)
-3 royalty free corporate music tracks, so you don’t need to search for music any more (worth $35)

Video Tutorial
This After Effects Template contains a Video Tutorial that will show you how to easily Edit the project
After Effects Compatible
This project is compatible with Adobe After Effect CS3 and higher.(CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2017 etc)
Full HD
Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD (Separate compositions for HD720, NTSC, and PAL are also included)
Music included (value $17)
The music track that you can hear on the preview video is included with the download package.
No Plugins Needed
No Plugins Needed
Works on both PC and Mac
This After Effects Template works on Mac OS as well as on Windows PC.
3x Tested for Quality
The project has passed the BlueFX quality assurance test. 3 video editors tested the files on different machines with various configurations to make sure that it works as expected
Color Versions
In this AE Project we have included the 1 Click Color Changer, that allows you to create unlimited color variations to match the colors of your brand

Price: $249

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And you can't go wrong with this incredible Guarantee!

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re so absolutely sure that the Business Studio After Effects Template will help you create stunning videos that we’re offering an unconditional, NO-question-asked 60-day money back guarantee. If for whatever reason the Business Studio After Effects Template does not satisfy you in any way, simply send us an email within 60 days from your purchase and we’ll refund you right away! So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back within 60 days. Simply contact us. We will always refund your money. Give it a try… You have nothing to lose!

10 reviews for "Business Studio"

  1. :

    I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to you AND your team.

    I have only been using your templates since October, but I find them very well thought out AND an invaluable in the amount of time they have saved me.

    Knock ON wood… I have 5 of your templates AND never have had a problem or have even needed to contact tech support to answer a single question.

    I believe this is a tribute to the amount of effort you folks put INTO designing your templates.

    I made a quick testimonial for you AND it contains 3 of your templates. Feel free to utilize it if you see fit.

    So, Just a quick Thank You in a world in which I am sure you rarely get compliments but surely get lots of complaints :>)

    Keep up the great work!
    Bruce Ciarleglio –

    My Video:

    • :

      Bruce wow, thank you so much for taking the time to create this amassing video!

      What a great testimonial, I am glad to see that you like our templates and that they save you a lot of time, this is our main goal when we construct each template. It is always good to see how clients use the BlueFx templates.

      I wish you success in your business!

  2. :

    This is a monster template, I have NOT seen anything built this well! Congrats bluefx!

    • :

      Thank you Steve.

  3. :

    It looks great but the world globe at the start shows anybody in my part of the world that it’s a template made in another part of the world.

    • :

      Hi Craig, the gray globe at the beginning of the video presentation is actually a transition effect, this template has 3 different transition effects that can be used at any point of the video.
      You can easily use another transition instead of the globe, for example the diagonal lines, that you can see at 1:05

      Thank you for your comment

  4. :

    It would be nice if there was some sound design. I being a sound designer have added a lot of sound design to your templates ON my own AND it makes a world of a difference .. For example during the entrance of the logo AND some transitions AS well

    • :

      Gerald, that is an interesting idea. In the template we have included 3 music track, I see your point,adding sound effects can greatly enhance the overall feel of a video.

      Can you SHOW us the examples WHERE you have used sound effects/design ON our templates? Would love to see them in use.


  5. :

    Hi, BlueFx, Hi Szilard,

    I think Business Studio is a really professional after effects template, congratulations! I see that concerning AE templates you are turning to the “business direction” more AND more. That is probably your current AND future strategy.

    I would LIKE to ask about the templates for the amateur users, because we – independently of the fact that these templates are REALLY professional – can use them quite rarely. It is because we do NOT have companies, or our companies are big ones, AND they use marketing agencies for their advertisements.

    May be I am NOT right, but I think amateur users are a lot more than smaller companies that are needed business templates.

    I only would LIKE to say that I have many of your templates AND I am ready to buy them in the future because I love them very much. But if there will be only a few of them in the future, than I could NOT do that.

    I do NOT know the statistics of, but I am absolutely sure that there are a lot of purchases by amateurs, AND their volumes must be bigger than companies interested in buying business templates. Again: may be I am NOT right.

    For example one of your last templates The Colorizer or Lower Thirds are very useful for us, because we do NOT understand how to do it professionally. We are ready to get your plugins, templates to have help.

    Sorry, I am writing too much. Do you plan to make other templates AS well for “not only companies”? Are NOT you planning to sell your products in other sites LIKE videohive? Are NOT you planning to make some plugins AS well? I think in the nearest future 3D elements will be raising very fast.

    Thank you


    • :

      Dear Laszlo

      Thank you for your feedback!

      You are right, this template is more for the business stile videos.

      The amator users are very important for us, that is why you can see ON our site( that we also create templates LIKE the Happy Photo Show (/).

      I feel honored to hear such comments FROM a customer who has bought so many of our templates, I love the way you used the Virtual Studio 1 for your home video

      We are actually days away FROM releasing a new template, that can be used for telling a story that will captivate viewers. It will be a great tool also for non business users.

      Interesting idea ON the plugins part, we did NOT plan to create one yet, lets see what people need AND we could come up with something.

      Best Wishes
      Gyorfi Szilard

  6. :

    We have used the template to create the intro for our retail real estate show, this is the end result:

  7. :

    Hi Gyorfy:
    I have bought many templates from you and we are happy with them. I would like to purchase this one, but it is more expensive than I have authorized to spend. Is there any way that you can give us a discount for this template?


    Pablo Preisser

    • :

      Hi Pablo

      Thank you for purchasing my my templates!

      Your question just helped me figure out a way to make the BlueFx Business Studio more accessible for client who have a predefined monthly budget for advertisements.

      Now you can pay in 3 installments of $87 , over a time period of 3 months. Please use this link:

      Thanks again for your question.

  8. :

    This template sounds amazingly well done. Congratulations BlueFX !

    • :

      Thank you Dave!

  9. :

    Eu gostaria de compra esse introdução de abertura para businnes e como faço, tem um telefone para contato??

    • :

      Hi Camargo, estou feliz que você está interessado em comprar a Business Studio, sim, você pode também entrar em contato conosco por telefone para este número:

      (Hi Camargo, I am glad you are interested in purchasing the Business Studio, yes you can also reach us by phone at this number: +1 (888) 344-0936 )

  10. :

    i love it..!
    well done bluefx..:)

    • :

      Thank you Syahmi.

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I Have Never Used After Effects Before..
Untill a couple of weeks ago I did not know what After Effects was, so I went trough the Jeff Sengstack tutorial on how to get started with After Effects... The video that you are about to watch is the very first time I used After Effects and it is the very first time I used a BlueFx Template:

David Alemian
I Have 5 Of Your Templates And Never Have Had A Problem
I have 5 of your templates and never have had a problem or have even needed to contact tech support to answer a single question. I believe this is a tribute to the amount of effort you folks put into designing your templates.

Bruce Ciarleglio
Increased My Production Quality Ten Fold
This template worked perfectly with my project! It was easy to use, and increased my production quality ten fold. Amazing work by Szilard. And what a GREAT value! Thanks! 
Jeff Roldan
Easy To Customize
Hands down BlueFX has the highest quality After Effects templates that I have come across online. Their templates are laid out in a way that makes it very easy to customize.
Frank Celi
This template was immaculate. So organized and easy to use. I can’t believe someone would put that much work into their files. I will always look first for templates by BlueFX! Great job and thanks for making this so easy on me.
Eric Hinson
Bought Up All Of Your Templates
I direct a comedy webseries that takes place at a fictional news station and had previously bought up all of your templates. I now utilize both of your virtual studios, and the News3 comps for all kinds of digital loops and graphical assets for our show. Please keep up the great work, I have been sincerely pleased with the work that you put out and look forward to seeing what future projects you have in store for us.
David Simmons
A powerful, inexpensive product which allows you to create professional-looking videos.
A powerful, inexpensive product which allows you to create professional-looking videos. Using the templates is also a good way to learn the basics of AE. I highly recommend trying out their products.
Rev. Tom Barlow
The Tutorial With The Package Was Great
I ordered the whiteboard video – never had experience with that type of animation before. The tutorial with the package was great – It helped me understand all that was involved and the end result video was simply awesome!
Patrick Toland