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Free Slide-FREE Sample

* music included
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After Effects Slideshow Template Free

Using the BlueFx Free After Effects Slideshow Template you can create your own slideshow video with this easy to use after effects template.
Simply drop in your images and change the text, you will instantly have an elegant photo slideshow animation.
Download this after effects slideshow template free and get a chance to test out how the BlueFx After Effects Templates work.
Video Tutorial
This After Effects Template contains a Video Tutorial that will show you how to easily Edit the project
After Effects Compatible
This project is compatible with Adobe After Effect CS3 and higher.(CS4, CS5, CS6, CC, CC 2017 etc)
Full HD
Resolution: 1920×1080 Full HD (Separate compositions for HD720, NTSC, and PAL are also included)
Music included (value $9)
The music track that you can hear on the preview video is included with the download package.
No Plugins Needed
No Plugins Needed
Works on both PC and Mac
This After Effects Template works on Mac OS as well as on Windows PC.
3x Tested for Quality
The project has passed the BlueFX quality assurance test. 3 video editors tested the files on different machines with various configurations to make sure that it works as expected
Color Versions
In this AE Project 8 different color presets are included as well as an Easy to use color changing system, that allows you to create unlimited color variations.
Free Slide AE Template

38 reviews for "Free Slide-FREE Sample"

  1. :

    I’m learning something about AE AND I’d LIKE to use this template to make a movie with some friends photos. Could you available the link for free download? Thank you.

    • :

      Hey Luciano, it is free, you can download it, just make sue that you push the “Like” button ON my facebook page

  2. :

    the downloadlink doesnt work, or am i wrong??
    awesome template!!
    i just wanna have it!!

    • :

      Flori, the download link is fixed now. Thank you for letting me know.

  3. :

    thank you bro…!!!

  4. :

    Great work, if i could be half AS good AS you i’ll be great

    • :

      Thanks Mario, hey just keep ON practicing AND you will be.

  5. :

    Hi Gyorfi Szilard , How do you compile your work. Do you do a sketch ON a book then afterward go to aftereffects.

    • :

      Yes. I plan them out ON paper first, than start the editing in after effects.

  6. :

    thnk u my friend

  7. :

    Thank you very much sir AND one more thank you for your great help. long live your helping mind.

    • :

      Thank you for the feedback Kalai, I appreciate it

  8. :

    Sorry I can’t see the download button

    Awsome job btw

  9. :


  10. :

    and if i want to put more slides? AND whit a longer time? can you make a tuturial?



  11. :

    i dont now if u can help me or NOT but i study graphic design AND am interested in learning about after effects i wanna learn how do make something LIKE this so if u can just lead me to a web or a way just to know how …. pleas

    • :

      The easiest way to learn how the project is made is if you download it AND take it apart.

      A tutorial video would be to long to SHOW you how it was built, it would take days 🙂

  12. :

    Is it possible to change the text color in this animation? I’ve tried changing color in the Character window AND it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks for the freebie by the way.

  13. :

    i can NOT open Your Free After Effects Template + Tutorial ON my apple mac os x 10.6.7

    • :

      Hi William

      First you need to extract the zip package. Than it can be opened with CS3 or newer versions of after effects lik CS4 or CS5

      Let me know if this solves your problem,


  14. :

    hello, let me know how do you add an animated pict.

    • :

      Hi Marco

      You can add a video LIKE you would add an image, just drag the video file in the composition that you select.

  15. :

    nice work man keep it up. Thanx for the template.

    • :

      Thank you Jasiel !

  16. :

    thank you bro youre just so cool

  17. :


  18. :

    super templates……………………really they are worthfull

  19. :

    thax for u……….
    i hope

  20. :

    Thanks for the template man! It’s really very helpful for beginners such AS myself to learn how to make a proper animation.

    can i ask you though, how can i change the background? instead of the brownish tint lighted background, can i change ti to white or any other colour?

    • :

      There is a layer # 13 named “Color” please SELECT it AND press f3 in the keyboard AND in the effect control window you will see an effect named fill which has a Color option please try changing the color of that AND you would get the color you choose in the background. Please don’t hesitate to contact our support Team incase you are NOT able to follow it.

  21. :

    thank you gyorfi.

  22. :

    Thanks for the template Gyorfi.. I’m a beginner so pardon me for asking.. How do i input in more slides for more pictures/videos? the slides in this template has ready made 3 slots AND i’m quite clueless AS to how to increase it. Appreciate it much if u can take the time to help..

    • :

      Since you are a beginner it would be quite difficult to add more slides please contact us through AND we would try our best to help you out.

  23. :

    thank you very much!
    resources of the few people who does things right!

  24. :

    you are just awesome i love you boss

  25. :

    thank you so much!..
    love love love

  26. :

    thanks dear!

  27. :

    thank you even i spend a lot time to get my link but i have to say THANK YOU i LIKE it it’s wonderful man 😉

  28. :

    How to change the text color please?
    That seems impossible.

    • :

      In order to change the text color please SELECT the text layer AND press U twice in quick succession, various properties are revealed in the timeline,look for the “Material Options” there AND expand it by clicking a small triangle besides it AND change the accepts light option to “Off” AND change the color of the text AS per your liking.

  29. :

    Thanks very much for sharing AND tutorial!

  30. :

    dudee. u indian? u rockkk! NICE TUT btw.. very useful! thx!

  31. :


  32. :


  33. :

    Thank you everybody for your support we value your feedback/comments AND hence please keep them coming so that we get inspired for more AND better free templates in 2014. Happy New Year 2014

  34. :

    Gyorfi Szilard YOU ARE THE MAN! More likely I’ll be spending some good $ with your projects. Please keep innovating them.

  35. :

    Thank you for the template, it’s nice, but how can i add more slides ? Could you give a tutorial ?

  36. :

    • :

      Thanks for posting the video!

  37. :

    Thank you So much !!

  38. :

    and if i want to put more slides sir? How can I do that???

    • :

      The easiest way to add more slides if if you render 2 videos from the template and cut them together.

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I Have Never Used After Effects Before..
Untill a couple of weeks ago I did not know what After Effects was, so I went trough the Jeff Sengstack tutorial on how to get started with After Effects... The video that you are about to watch is the very first time I used After Effects and it is the very first time I used a BlueFx Template:

David Alemian
I Have 5 Of Your Templates And Never Have Had A Problem
I have 5 of your templates and never have had a problem or have even needed to contact tech support to answer a single question. I believe this is a tribute to the amount of effort you folks put into designing your templates.

Bruce Ciarleglio
Increased My Production Quality Ten Fold
This template worked perfectly with my project! It was easy to use, and increased my production quality ten fold. Amazing work by Szilard. And what a GREAT value! Thanks! 
Jeff Roldan
Easy To Customize
Hands down BlueFX has the highest quality After Effects templates that I have come across online. Their templates are laid out in a way that makes it very easy to customize.
Frank Celi
This template was immaculate. So organized and easy to use. I can’t believe someone would put that much work into their files. I will always look first for templates by BlueFX! Great job and thanks for making this so easy on me.
Eric Hinson
Bought Up All Of Your Templates
I direct a comedy webseries that takes place at a fictional news station and had previously bought up all of your templates. I now utilize both of your virtual studios, and the News3 comps for all kinds of digital loops and graphical assets for our show. Please keep up the great work, I have been sincerely pleased with the work that you put out and look forward to seeing what future projects you have in store for us.
David Simmons
A powerful, inexpensive product which allows you to create professional-looking videos.
A powerful, inexpensive product which allows you to create professional-looking videos. Using the templates is also a good way to learn the basics of AE. I highly recommend trying out their products.
Rev. Tom Barlow
The Tutorial With The Package Was Great
I ordered the whiteboard video – never had experience with that type of animation before. The tutorial with the package was great – It helped me understand all that was involved and the end result video was simply awesome!
Patrick Toland