How to Remove A Logo From A Scene in After Effects

In this article, we’ll take a look at removing a logo from a footage and for this, we’ll track it first and then erase it. We will then replace it with another sample logo. The key to this technique is that we will need to do two trackings: a motion tracking for the logo a

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15 Steps for Blurring Out Faces In After Effects

This technique is very important as you don’t want to potentially get sued by people appearing in your footage. It’s also highly used in interviews where the subject specifically requires to remain anonymous. Each person that shows up in a video and the faces shows clearly, is legally required to sign in a release form

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How To Remove an Object With The Clone Stamp Tool

In After Effects you can replace pixels from a scene with pixels from another scene by using the Clone Stamp tool. This tool works similarly with the clone stamp tool from Adobe Photoshop and it’s usually used to remove objects from different shots. Let go ahead and take a look at this tool in action

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How to Use The Facetracker Tool Inside After Effects

The face tracker is an innovative tool that Adobe introduced with its 2015 After Effects CC release and it enables you to track faces very accurately. You can then use masks or different effects on the track region to bring your editing to a whole new level This feature is great for tracking videos and

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After Effects and Premiere Pro Dynamic Link Workflow

In this article, we’ll take a look at the connection between Premiere Pro and After Effects via the Dynamic Link feature. From After Effects, we have a direct dynamic link that allows us to do edits in real time in After Effects and only render at the very end. In other words, all the edits

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Overlooked Premiere Pro Effects You Didn’t Know About

Adobe Premiere is a fantastic editing tool and most users rely on its basic editing functionalities and post-production features. However, there are some cool effects hidden inside the dashboard that you probably didn’t even know existed so in this article we’ll take a look at 4 fewer know effects inside Premiere Pro 1. Basic 3D

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Basic Animation Techniques Inside Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a fantastic tool for video editing and the go-to software for most video editors using both Windows or Mac platforms, but an overlooked feature of Premiere is the ability to create basic animations. While Adobe After Effects is the best choice for such edits, Premiere can also accomplish basic animations which can

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7 Premiere Pro Editing Tricks for Fast Workflow and Productivity

In this article, we’ll take a look at some cool Premiere Pro editing techniques that will improve your workflow and speed up your editing process. Let’s jump right into it and get into the details: 1. Time Remapping the Right Way Time remapping is a commonly used technique in both After Effects and Premiere Pro

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Color Grading Tips In The New Updated Premiere Pro 2019

Premiere Pro has made some major updates to its platform so in this article we’ll take a look at the most useful ones. The key factor with these techniques is to not overdo them and make sure the changes are subtle. Let’s jump right into it and take a look at the new Color Grading

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