After Effects Render Setup For Youtube -Part1

Do you know what the best After Effects render settings for Youtube are? Let me show you an EASY setup that will not only make your videos look always sharp, but also the audio will never go out of sync once it’s uploaded to Youtube. On top of this, the file size will be 9

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After Effects CC Render Setup For Youtube – Part2

In Part 1 we discussed how to render effectively in After Effects and export MP4 video files ready to send or upload to Youtube, and those settings apply to all After Effects versions up to CS6. In this tutorial we’re going to take a look at: How to render using After Effects CC In fact, you won’t

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9 Tips For Editing Video in After Effects

Adobe After Effects is not built to edit video… (it was built for motion graphics and animation) But, you can still use it to edit short videos there is a workaround… Hello and welcome to this tutorial. My name is Remus Hosu from In this tutorial we are going to cover 9 useful tips for

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Three Funny Videos About Film Editing

There’s nothing better than an industry in-joke, especially at the end of a long day in the edit suite, and these three videos should give you plenty of chuckles as anyone working in the world of editing. The Assistant Editor Song   Written by Assistant Editor Mark Adams, the ‘Assistant Editor Song’ perfectly captures the

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How to build a demo reel that gets clients [9 quick tips]

What is a demo reel? A Demo reel is a short video presentation of your best video work. Its purpose is to make a client contact and hire you for a project. As a video professional, your demo reel is your “sales person”, who will constantly bring you new clients. If it is done right.

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After Effects Logo Animation Template [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Looking for a Free After Effects logo animation template? You are in the right place. Using The Bluefx Logo animation template you can get your after effects logo animation done in 3 minutes. Take a look at the video: Download The Free Template The template will work with any logo, you can see how easy it is

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Animate Text In After Effects Using Free Presets & Adobe Bridge

Animating text in After Effects is hard work. But, did you know that you can use text animation presets, that eliminate all the keyframing work? You just drag and drop these presets onto your text layer and After Effects automatically animates your text, it even adds the necessary keyframes. Yes After Effects comes with free

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