How to create an awesome explainer video

An explainer video is a marketing video that explains your product or service in 60 – 90 seconds, helping you create powerful messages and engage your audience better than other channels do. Explainer videos can be be placed on landing pages, homepage or a prominent product page of your website. They are very popular after

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How to use multiple viewers in After Effects [VIDEO]

Today’s post is about how to use multiple viewers in After Effects in order to see how the animation looks like in real time. We will be using the Whiteboard template which you can purchase in the Bluefx store. As you can see in the video, we have this scene with the text and the

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Why Face Tracker is the coolest new feature in Adobe After Effects

Today’s post is about one of the two new features of the latest Adobe After Effects version. We have already checked the updates regarding the improved previewing and workspace in Adobe After Effects 13.6.1, as well as the first new feature which is Character Animator. Let’s see more about the Face Tracker, the second new

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3 New Effects in After Effects CC 2015 You Should Know About

Today’s post covers the 3 new effects that come with the Adobe After Effects 13.6.1 version. We have already covered the improved previewing and workspace, the Face Tracker and the Character Animator. Now you’ll find more about these 3 amazing effects: 1. CC HexTile 2. CC Vignette 3.  Lumetri Cycore is a company based in

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Save an After Effects CC 2015 project as an AE CS6 project

Do you need to save your AE project so that those having older versions could see it too? You’re in the right place. Jeff Sengstack, our Adobe certified instructor, will show you how to save an After Effects project made in a newer version to older versions of AE. NOTE: Visual memory works great for

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After Effects shortcuts for changing layer properties

Have you ever wondered what are the shortcuts you could use to display layered transform properties? You’ll find in today’s post the solution and much more. Jeff Sengstack, our Adobe certified instructor, will talk about: the 5 transform properties and their shortcuts the shortcuts you should use when working with multiple properties the shortcuts you

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How to create simple motion tracking in After Effects

Today’s post is the first one in a series of blog posts about tracking motion in After Effects. In our future blog posts,  we’ll also talk about : 3D Tracking With Shadow Catcher Advanced Perspective Corner Pin Tracking Position a Text in a 3D Tracked Scene So let’s start and see how you can create

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