3 Best Intro Templates For Power Director [FRE DOWNLOAD] -Beginner Tutorial

Looking for the Best Power Director Intro Templates? I’ll back you up! Here is a short, simple guide to using these templates, which are all totally FREE!

Click on the links below to download the corresponding FREE intro template.

  1. Grunge Intro Template
  2. Game Intro Title
  3. Fire Title Intro Template

The Grunge Intro Template

  • Unzip the file and then click “OT 4444” or “QT PNG” depending on which one works best on you.
  • Select all the layers and then drag and drop them directly into Cyberlink Power Director.
  • Drag the “Base file” first.
  • Underneath it, add the “Reveal file”.
  • Drag the “Base loop” beside the Base file.
  • And after that, drag the “Upper loop” below the base loop.
  • Select both files (Reveal & Upper loop) and drag it down leaving two tracks open.
  • The next step is to add your logo layer (drag it to the track).
  • Now, if your logo layer is way too big, all you need to do is close the other two tracks by clicking the lock icon on the bottom and on the top.
  • Click on your logo icon and drag it down to fit.
  • Move the time indicator to the front and make it smaller to fit in.
  • In order to put a tagline, click the “T” or the title room and select “Text only”.
  • Drag the “Default” title to the next track.
  • Hover your mouse over the title, double click to edit the size and color of the title.
  • However, if your text is showing up at the beginning all you need to do is to trim it by putting your time indicator to the spot where it fits.
  • Cut the text and the logo by sliding it.
  • Or you can also use the split tool at the top by clicking on it, select the logo and click “remove and leave a gap”.



Game Intro Title

  • Depending on which one suits you the best, click either “MOV 444” or “MOV PNG.”
  • Drag and drop each layer into Cyberlink Power Director after selecting all of them.
  • First, drag the “Base file.”
  • Next to the Base file, drag the “Base loop.”
  • Add the “Reveal file” below the base file leaving two tracks.
  • Drag the “Upper loop” below the base loop after that.
  • Then choose “Text only” from the drop-down menu when clicking the “T” or title room to add a title.
  • Drag the “Default” title to the next track.
  • And then add one more after that.
  • Lock the top and bottom layers by selecting the lock icon to change the title.
  • Select your first title. (do the same to your second title).
  • Double click, select all and the edit. (do the same to your second title).
  • Cut the text to where it fits by clicking “split selection at the top, click the title and then select “remove and leave gap”.

Fire Title Intro Template

  • Click either “MOV 444” or “MOV PNG,” whichever one best fit you.
  • After selecting every layer, drag and drop each one into Cyberlink Power Director.
  • Drag the “Base file” first.
  • Drag the “Base loop” next to the Base file.
  • Leaving two tracks, add the “Reveal file” below the base file.
  • After that, drag the “Upper loop” underneath the base loop.
  • When adding a title, click the “T” or title room and select “Text only”.
  • Drag the “Default” title to the track.
  • Then after that, add one more below it.
  • To change the title, lock the top and bottom layers by clicking the lock icon.
  • Select your first title. Click twice, select all, and then edit. (Apply this to your second title as well).
  • By selecting “split selection” at the top, clicking the title, and then choosing “remove and leave gap,” you can trim the text to fit.

You have it now! These templates are now open for use and are simple to use. Don’t forget to see the detailed instruction below by Szilard for more information on how to use these incredible templates to their fullest potential from bluefx.net.



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