3 Best Intro Templates For Youtube [FRE DOWNLOAD]

Are you looking for intro videos for your own YouTube channel? Perhaps one that will match the genre of your channel like gaming, adventure, or even just a simple and elegant business videos. Worry no more because today, we are offering 3 FREE intro video templates that are fully customizable using the video editor of your choice.

  1. Game Title Intro Template

Are you into gaming and technology? We are pretty sure you will like this template as this features a futuristic touch of design with very customizable layers.


  1. Simple Logo Intro

This intro template features a simple and classic logo reveal animation using ribbons. The ribbons’ colors can also be changed using most editing software depending on the color grading of your own brand.


  1. Fire Title Template

This intro video features a stunning and fiery title animation that is perfectly designed for your channel that is into action and hardcore adventures or sports. The layers are also fully customizable, which means that you can add your own logo and some description on it.

You’re all set! But have you ever wondered what is the common mistake in using intro videos like these? Be sure to check out the video below as Szilard from bluefx.net explains this and how you can benefit from it.



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