3 Simple Ways to Get the Best of After Effects CC 2015 Updated Workspace

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As mentioned in our previous post about improved previewing in After Effects CC 2015 version 13.6.1, this wasn’t the only change Adobe made.

Adobe has also updated the workspace in After Effects CC 2015 v13.6.1

Let’s see how this looks like.

This is the workspace bar up here. Normally you would call this a panel:

workspace bar in after effects cc 2015

A panel means you can rip it out and put it someplace else but you can’t grab this and rip it out and move it someplace else.

It just resides up here in this bar.

This shows you the workspace and three panels.
That may not be all that you want to work with.
I’m working in the standard here but there are other ones as well.

Here is a the tutorial video that will show you each new feature of the After Effects CC 2015 updated workspace:


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What’s the deal here?
Well, a couple of things:

1. You can expand the view to multiple workspaces.

I’ve got work summary.

So, you can drag the divider there to show you as many as you want but three is the default.

Each one of these three has its own little panel menu.

If I made a change and I want to make a custom one, I don’t need to go to Window > Workspace > saved workspace. That’s kind of a long process.

Now, I’ll just click one of these drop-down things here and say save workspace and give it a new name down here.
workspace bar in after effects cc 2015 2Let’s change it there.

2. You can edit the workspaces.

This little guy here allows you to say which workspaces you want to appear on the bar. You can drag this around and so you do that.

Which ones do you want to be in the overflow; that’s here to the side.
workspace bar in after effects cc 2015 3Again, the overflow in the bar depends on how far you pull this out. And then some, you don’t want to show at all.

You can choose them as well and you can drag them for example.

I’ll show you one thing here:

Go to All Panels.

3. This is a new feature. It’s called Stacked Panels.
workspace bar in after effects cc 2015 4

workspace bar in after effects cc 2015 5

There are all these panels stacked up here.
I look at one and click on it.

I’ll look at another and it’s showing both of them which is not the default behavior.
I’ll undo that and go back to the default behavior.

The default behavior is to see one at a time.

The way you go to the default behavior is clicking this little panel button there.
It will be panel group settings and solo panels and stack. That’s the default behavior.

When you look at this, you’ll probably see, okay I click on that and closes the other way. The effect presets and I click on a line and it closes whatever what was there before. That’s the default behavior for the stacked panel. I’m not a real big fan of stacked panels but it’s kind of a cool feature to see all of them.

If you want to open more than one, you can just Alt or option click on it. That will open up two things at once.

But I prefer putting panels inside panels.

So I’m going to go back to standard here and I’m going to reset the standard to do that.

For example, I like to have my character panel and my paragraph panel in the same panels.

If I go over here and go window > character and there’s character panel.
If I want to add the paragraph panel, I go to window > paragraph and that puts it down separately but I can drag it inside here.

I can put the paragraph panel with the character panel as well.
So, all kinds of ways to customize your workspace.

The new things are the stacking panel and this menu bar up there.

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Remus Hosu

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