4 FREE After Effects Templates from BlueFx-video

Free After Effects Templates give you the chance to test out how such projects work, at no cost.

Free After Effects Templates

Using free after effects templates you can create video intros and great looking video advertisements  even if you are new to Adobe After Effects.
In this post we have put together a set of free after effects templates that can be downloaded instantly. Of course all of the templates come with a video tutorial that will guide you in the editing process,

Yes we have created video tutorials even for the free after effects templates ?
This way  you can start experimenting even if you are a users who has a minimal budget (or no budget) or who is just trying out an after effects template for the first time.

And here come the free after effects templates:

1) The Peoples Template

This project is built for short introductions and quick logo animations. Add it to the beginning of your video and you have created a professional look  for your advertisement.

The music is also included,

Read more and download this after effects template here.

2) The Colorizer


This template is made for video editors or users who want to give there videos that tinted or flashy look that many blockbuster movies have.

Just import your video and with 2 click your colors are changed. Your video ad will look just like a professional video that you see in TV  commercials.
Many users consider this free template, the most useful template on the net, because of its venerability.

Read more and download this after effect template here.

3) Light Show


With this ae project you can make an energetic text intro. It works with any font, but in our opinion , it will work the best with bold/bulky fonts.

The texture that you can see on the surface of each text is made to look metallic, giving the animation more subtle details.

Read more and download this ae template here.

4) Free Slide


The Free Slide ae project supports images as well as videos. All you need to do is to drop in your footage in the placeholders.

The text has an elegant slow movement that gives this template even more style. All dynamic elements , including the transitions have a smooth movement.

Read more and download this free after effects template here.

We hope this post was useful for you, and as you can see free after effects templates can also have high quality ?

Have fun experimenting!

Are you looking for more complex after effects templates?  Check them out at our store page:

Free After Effects Templates

Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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