6 New Types of Business After Effects Templates by BlueFX

After Effects is the perfect tool for creating business templates and these projects can be very helpful for:

  • promoting your brand or company
  • presenting your startup ideas to your investors
  • introducing your business at an event
  • promoting your company on youtube, facebook, and other social media

It’s all about reaching your audience with a well-crafted video that tells the story of your company in a modern and elegant way, listing the benefits and pointing out the features.

6 Types of Business After Effects Templates

  1. Commercial openers. With this type of video, you can summarize the content of the main presentation and give your audience a taste of what to expect next. Great for business presentations
  2. Animated slideshows. They are an alternative to the classic Powerpoint presentations and along with a well-crafted text they can have a huge positive impact on your target audience
  3. Explainer videos. They can be whiteboard explainer videos or business explainer videos with the flat icon style design. They both work great and they are meant to explain the objective of your activity in a fun way to follow
  4. Kinetic Templates. Kinetic text templates are great for text-based presentations where the main focus is on the narrative part. It can also contain videos and images
  5. App Template. They are designed to promote mobile apps and illustrate how they work
  6. Classic Business Promotion Templates. They are a combination of image placeholders and text holders. The design usually has a corporate feel and in conjunction with a corporate audio track it can work great for your business promo needs

What elements do you need for an After Effects Business Template

Editing an After Effects Business Template should be straightforward and here the elements you need to have prepared for the edit:

  • media files: footage or images. Make sure they are at least 1920x1080px in the resolution
  • a logo file. Make sure it’s in .PNG, .PSD or any other format with transparency to be able to use it and add it into the project
  • (optionally) and audio file. A corporate type of backing track would work best

The process of editing is simple, just open up After Effects, select File-Import-File and add your media. Next, locate the corresponding placeholder and double-click to open them up and drag and drop your media into the timeline. Change any texts by opening up the text compositions and double-clicking on the text layers and the project is ready to render. To do that, choose Composition- Add to Adobe Media Encoder Queue, double-click under the output file to set the destination path of your video and then click on the green play button to start rendering.

BlueFX After Effects Business Templates

Next, let’s take a look at some of our best selling business templates and see what they bring to the table in terms of visual approach and style

  1. Bob The Business Promoter


Bob is a cute character that will enable you to present your business in a strategic marketing way. It raises a current problem in the market and offers a solution for it. The project has 40 text placeholders, so there’s plenty of room to display your messages, 4 image or video placeholders and a logo placeholder. We’ve even included 4 color setups which are pre-made and of course, the colors can also be changed manually using our proprietary color picker system.

Get the Bob Businesses Promoter Template from BlueFX.

  1. The Social Network


One of the most important assets for any online business is the social network and the media channels. With this elegant template, you can showcase them all and your business will be the focal point of the social channels. The audience will most likely follow the call the action and follow and like your channels. There are a total of 29 animated social icons and they are all pre-rendered so there’s no need for 3rd party plugins. Grow your social media channels with this beautiful and well-crafted template.

Click here to get The Social Network Template.

  1. The Unlimited Slide


This template is perfect for long presentations or business that have many points to showcase. It supports up to 100 slides and its slide has a controller for selecting the placeholder display time!. A color system is included as usual and each slide has text holders for the title, the body, and the logo. The template has an elegant corporate feel to it and it’s guaranteed to amaze your audience.

Get this new Unlimited Slide template here on BlueFX.

  1. The Event Promo After Effects Template


Perfect for your company’s events and it works well with any kind of conferences, summits or business presentations of any kind. You can elegantly show the details of the event and feature the speakers and presenters, the venue location and all the elements are modular so everything is interchangeable. You can create your own presentation in minutes

With Event Promo After Effects Template, you can start creating new and interesting projects for your business.

  1. The Premium Business


The Premium business template is one of our best selling products and its design is timeless. It’s a versatile project geared towards corporations and businesses of any size and it can showcase the staff structure, internal awards, key services, and corporate identity and mission. There are 75 image or video placeholders and corresponding texts. It’s suitable for short presentations or longer ones as the structure is modular and the transitions enable you to switch from one scene to another smoothly

With your Premium Business After Effects Template, you can create a high-quality presentation for your business projects.

  1. The App Promo


Along with social media, having a presence in the apps environment is almost a must. With this beautiful template, you can showcase how your app is performing on a mobile phone and list out all the features. You can also showcase your website on the mobile screen and the template will support 42 screen placeholders, 12 text holders, 2 avatars and 5 media (video or photo) placeholders. Bring your app to the world with this amazing template or use it for crowdfunding or startups purposes.

Buy your Latest App Promo Toolkit After Effects Template by BlueFX.

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