Adobe Audition Auto Heal Feature

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In today’s post, Jeff will show you how the Auto Heal feature works in Adobe Audition.

Note: remember to watch the video tutorial we have created for a better understanding of Jeff’s instructions.

Let’s start!

So I’ve gone to Premium Pro. I sent this over audition. An Audition created a separate audio file called “Extracted – Audio Extracted.” You can name it whatever you want but that is the default name. It’s put Audio Extracted at the end of it.

I am going to switch to the Spectral Frequency View here.

Spectral Frequency View

The Spectral Frequency View – what does it do?

It shows audio frequencies, it’s pitch. It shows in the stereo because this was shot in stereo and a shot with a camcorder that recorded audio at 48,000 samples per second, which is typical for camcorders to record. That is a DVD quality audio, which is better than CD.

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I am going to change the view here, so you see the full frequency of this audio.

Zoom out full view

I am going to change this to hertz instead of pitch.

Change to Hertz

There we go. I am going to look across here.
I am going to change the view here, that is I am going to decrease the spectral frequency.

Decrease Spectral Resolution

So control shift down arrow is the way to do that because I want to be able to see those clips a little bit better.

There is a click right there. That little line there is a click. I am pretty sure. Let’s listen for a second. You probably can’t hear that click go by but that is a click.

What this represents here is the brighter the color, the louder the sound at that frequency. These are very low frequency here at the bottom of the scale and these are very high frequencies here, at the top. That little guy there represents a click.


I would want to go over and fix that. I can fix that. I can select it using this little marquee selection tool. I can select it by doing this.

Use the marquee select tool to select the click

Now I identified the click I should make this narrow but that is fine just like that.

Now I’ve identified that little area that creates that click sound and I go up to something called favorites. Again, I’ll explain this more detail later. This thing called “Auto Heal.” But I have a thing called “Just Auto Heal.” That is not on here.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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It’s on other workspace. Let me go turn on the Auto Heal then I am going to raise the volume a little bit.

Auto Heal Feature

Because that is Auto Heal, reduce the volume a little bit, so raise the volume about 3db. I’ll listen to that click now and it’s gone. That little measure, we got rid of the click but didn’t change the quality of the audio.

Next, click over here. Now there is a click, I can see it. I’ll just marquee select that one. Do the same thing, Favorites – Auto Heal. Auto Heal has the tendency to lower the volume a little bit inside that little space. So I am going to increase the volume in that space like 3 decibels. I’ll explain that in a second. Now the click is gone. You can’t even see it anymore.

That is how you can use, make that workflow from Premium Pro Audition. Now I am going to save this, File – Save. I go back to Premier now and that Audio is now there. The extracted audio is now there.

audio extracted file

It has replaced the old audio. That click that was there before is gone.

Thank you for watching this video. My name is Jeff Sengstack, an Adobe Certified Expert and a Lead Instructor here at If you want to watch this entire video lesson, as well as other live classes and After Effects crash courses. Then I invite you to check out the BlueFx After Effects Academy.  Just click the link below this video to find out what we’ve prepared for you in the After Effects Academy.

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