Advanced Noise Removal in Adobe Audition

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In today’s post, Jeff Sengstack will talk about advanced noise removal in Adobe Audition.

Note: make sure you watch the video tutorial Jeff has prepared for you!

Let’s start!
Boy, you can see this sound in there right? You see the frequency. It just looks pretty cool if I go to the pitch spectral view as well. You can see the pitch of the siren and it’s easy to see the harmonics here. This over here is the actual frequency display but I’ll go back to spectral frequency display.

Spectral frequency display

So how do we deal with this? You got to be kidding me. It’s like those on during a concert. What are you going to do?

Well, here, I’ll tell you, you can’t get rid of it all, you can’t make it perfect but you can do your best. So I’m going to zoom in a bit on the frequencies here by right clicking here on the time ruler or the frequency ruler, zooming it a bit.
Look at all those overtones songs. This is where it gets kind of tedious.

But there’s a paintbrush tool here. It’s called the paintbrush selection tool. Different from the paintbrush that you use, let’s say in Photoshop, and you decide to paint with it. You paint on the things that you want to get rid of. Like so, the brush is kind of wide and I think the keyword trick to is – and the keyboard shortcut is… I’ll just click away here for a second. I forget, now where do… resize…

Here’s the video tutorial:

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I feel kind of embarrassed. I thought the keyboard short cut to do that. I don’t know where it is. Let’s control the size and drag it over here and make the brush move forward a little bit. The yellow marker is making it look bigger than it really is.

The yellow marker that you are seeing there is bigger than the brush itself. There’s a little line inside of it sets the brush. Now I want to select this frequency here. I’m just going to click and drag to select that. And I want to do another frequency here but if I just click and drag it again it’s going to replace what I’ve done. So I’m holding the shift key now, and click and drag on that to get the harmonic. And we will set it here all those shifting to get that harmonic there. If you go too fast, it’s not going to be very dark so I need to make it dark enough to really select that. I’ll click again and fill the areas that are kind of light.

paintbrush selection tool

I get this harmonic up here and this one here, shift key again. And who knows! And the fact that I got those frequencies there will probably duplicate those frequencies there. So I probably don’t need to select them.

Let’s just see what happens. I’m going to go to my Effects, go to Noise Reduction, go to Sound Remover and burn the sound model. The tool displays again which works great. I think for most purposes, but for my purposes it means that it has to slow things down. So again, I’m going to close down again like that. And we’re going to listen to that for a second.

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So you can see that it will come in and it came out where I didn’t draw as carefully. That’s one reason why. Let me do this again by holding down the shift key and paint it some more there. I really need to paint it darker, I think. Play it again. Then, I’ll do a preset over here to siren. More artifacts, few artifacts, less is fewer. We’ll try the More Artifacts. It’s working right now.

effect sound remover less artifacts

If you’re not impressed by that, I slightly go beyond the edge here that I marked. I didn’t mean to do that. I want to go beyond this area that I selected here and see what happens if I go beyond this. Let me just hit apply and just did that for that sections, finally go back, actually going to do it to the whole thing this time. Before you get a model selected, you got to apply to the whole thing again. It’s showing the preview again and you will see that it pixels a lot when the preview is showing but we’ll try that now.

Isn’t that amazing? That’s the thing that go… like that? That’s gone too. So if you’re not impressed by the sound remover, nothing in the world impresses you anymore. That’s pretty amazing that it removed that siren and comes that clean and just mind-blowing from my point of view.

Thank you for watching this video. My name is Jeff Sengstack, and Adobe certified expert and the lead instructor here at If you want to watch this entire video lesson as well as other live classes and After Effects crash courses, then I invite you to check out the Blue FX After Effects Academy. Just click the link below this video to find out what we’ve prepared for you in the After Effects Academy.

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