After Effects and Audition Workflow

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In today’s blogpost, Jeff will teach us about After Effects and Audition workflow.

Remember to watch the video tutorial, it will be much easier to follow the steps.

Let me go down here and go to After Effects. The workflow is a little bit different. Double click here and bring in that same file. Look at that guy with the houses right there. I’ll make a new comp from it by dragging the New Comp icon.
After Effects is really not geared toward audio editing. It doesn’t have a separate audio track but you can find the audio down here but opening it up and going to Audio. There’s the audio away from it. It has that same look before that’s really low level.

But now, if I want to edit something in Audition that started in After Effects, I select it and go to the layer panel. I think, it gets thrown off here. Let me go to the Edit Panel.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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Go to the Edit Panel and down here is Edit in Adobe Audition. It works differently. When I go to Audition this time, it’s going to have a video visible. It won’t be visible but it will be present. It actually has the video here and I can watch it as I edit it. The details about this, I have to do multitrack session to do that and I really don’t need to see it in this case so I’m not going to go through this process. Well, I could go through the process but it doesn’t make a difference. It’s particularly the point. I’m working on the audio only anyways.

You see it’s got an asterisk and it’s also called “river houses audio” as opposed to extracted. It’s just a different naming process and a different workflow. There’s that little problem area again. I can select that area again and I can do the same as before. I’ll go to favorites over here and erase the vine a little bit so I can cover for the fact that auto-heal has the tendency to lower the vine a little bit.

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There’s that one that’s been fixed, this one over here. And this another one, fix that one. Same routine as before, auto-heal. Erase the vine a little bit about to 3db.

Save this now. Just go to file-save and it goes to save in the place where it came – no. It’s not automatically saving where it came from. I’ll need to browse to do that which is different than Premier Pro. I’ll save that, click OK.
Now I can go back to After Effects and it won’t be there. That’s a big difference between Premier Pro and After Effects. I need to import that audio. It’s called “river houses audio”. Now I need to bring that into my comp and then go to this one here which has the clicking in it and just make that silent. I’ll turn off this little speaker here. The sound will come from the fixed audio rather than the original one.

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Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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