Animate Text In After Effects Using Free Presets & Adobe Bridge [video tutorial]

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Animating text in After Effects is hard work.

But, did you know that you can use text animation presets, that eliminate all the keyframing work? You just drag and drop these presets onto your text layer and After Effects automatically animates your text, it even adds the necessary keyframes.

Yes After Effects comes with free text animation presets that you can apply to any text layer. You just need to know how to find these presets. That’s where Adobe Bridge comes into play (which is a free app provided by Adobe)

Hello and welcome to this tutorial, Remus Hosu here for

We can animate texts inside After Effects using Adobe Bridge and the text animation presets.

Ok, now lets open After Effects.

I’m going to create a new composition and the new text layer.

Now with the text layer selected go to: “animation” and “browse presets” to open up the Adobe Bridge.

Select the text folder and you’ll see that you get a lot of options for different types of text animations.

We’re not going to go through all of them because they basically work in the same way and they can be edited in the same manner.

All we need to do is select an effect – we can see its preview on the right and then just double click to apply it to the text.So now out text animates in.

Here you can see the video tutorial showing each step of the text animation process:

If you’re not happy with the timing you can press “u” to bring down the properties with keyframes which in our case is the animator and move the last keyframe to your desired position.

OK, moving on to more advanced stuff:

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Let’s take a look at the next example:

We have 4 texts lines and we want them to be animated in, line by line.

We’ll select the straight in the multiline preset and we get this issue: the text doesn’t animate from outside the viewable area.

Of course, we could select “p” to bring down the position and move it to the right but then we won’t get the text to be when we wanted to be. So instead of changing the position of the layer we can change the position of the animator.

We need to toggle the layer properties and go to textanimator and position.

Now all we need to do is change this property until we get the desired position. I’m just going to move it outside the viewable area and we’re all set.

If you want the animation to look smoother you can turn on the motion blur for the composition and for the text.

Thanks for watching and I see you again on the next tutorial

Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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