Canva Video Animation -Tutorial for Beginners [Business Video Template]

Sick of seeing the same old, dull animated videos to advertise your business? Fear not, my friend, for we are giving you guidelines on how to use Canva to make your promotional video more engaging and attractive.

Click here to download.

  • In the download package you’ll find a link, click the link and then select “Use templates”.
  • Start with the first page, to change the text just double-click it and change the text.
  • To change the size of the text, double-click the text and then go to the upper left to choose the size that you want.
  • To delete some unnecessary text, just click on the click and select the trashcan icon.
  • If you want to put or change some animation, just go to the download folder, choose what type of GIF pictograms you want and then drag the animation you want to Canva.
  • Once the GIF has been uploaded, select that GIF and then drag it to your slide.
  • However, if you want to use your logo just simply upload your own logo to Canva. Repeat the process, selecting before dragging.
  • Now, all you have to do to snap a photo without ruining the template design is long-press the photo you want to use, then drag it to where you want to replace the initial photo.
  • But if you have more images of videos you want to upload with the same template design all you need to do is to select the slide and then click the “Duplicate page”.
  • Additionally, to change the order of the slides, simply long-press the slide you wish to move and drag it there.

Voila! You may now improve your promotional video to attract more customers to your business. Don’t forget to watch the full video below.




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