“Chat GPT Magic: See How I Create Product Descriptions From Youtube Videos”

Do you want to level up your marketing style of promoting a product, but you just suck at writing? Worry no more, because here we are to help you upscale your writing using the innovative AI tool Chat GPT.

  1. First, extract a transcript of a video by copying its URL link and pasting it to www.youtubetranscript.com.
  2. Copy the unformatted transcript.
  3. Next, paste the unformatted transcript to Chat GPT. But before you do that, you should use a specific command before your text like “Rewrite this text with the correct punctuation:…” Don’t forget to add quotation marks right before and right after your pasted transcript.
  4. To further edit your transcript to make it sound more engaging, you can use a specific command like “Rewrite this text in the style of Gary Halbert, this will be a product description:…”

Note: You can use a different person who has written various contents or written materials.

There you go! You now have a professional-looking product description for your future marketing videos. Don’t forget to watch the full tutorial below by Szilard from bluefx.net for additional tips and techniques.

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