Creating whip pans with Motion Blur in After Effects

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Join The After Effects Academy And Get Acces To This Full Lesson + Monthly Live Classes And After Effects TemplatesIn today’s post, Jeff Sengstack will show you how to create whip pans with Motion Blur in After Effects.

Note: make sure you watch the video tutorial Jeff has prepared for you!

Let’s start!

This is the next place we’re going to there. I want to jump to that place by putting those key frames right here, right next to this one here. Control command V

so it goes like this. Fast like that. Now I want to hold it and I want to bounce around like that. It will bounce around because it’s a curve surface.

I right click on these guys. I marquee select those guys by right clicking and I could tag the whole key frame and now it will hold that point. That’s what I want to see.

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There we go. Like that, hold. It gets here, now I want to be able to jump to these guys.

You marquee select them, control command C and then paste right next to these guys. Control command V and make them hold keyframes by right clicking like a whole.

The process is to take the next set and put them close to them and hold them. So it will be like, zipped to the next thing like that.

Next set here, marquee select control command C to get them. Place them right them control command V, so it goes one to the next. Make them hold keyframes by right clicking hold and again. Next set, these guys here. Marquee select, control command C, paste them right there control command V. Right click hold again.

toggle hold keyframe

There we go. And finally, these guys here copy them, control command C, control command V and put them there, right click, hold.

So now, they’ll just go quickly from one place to the next. They’ll go quickly but it’s not blurred. The sheet to do now is turn on the motion blur for the layers. So you go to the layer, and this is the motion blur check box.

Motion Blur checkbox in After Effects layer

Right there, those little circles that kind of, sort of gets soft-rough into the distance there, showing a blurred look. You click on that.

Okay now, I’ve turned on the motion blur for the layer but notice nothing happens, no motion blur yet. So you need to turn on the motion blur for the entire comp once you turn off a particular layer for you to actually see it.


The reason is they switch up here is because motion blur is pretty process intensive. So you don’t necessarily want it on all the time. So I’ll show them now, as you go from point A to point B, it will be blur like that. Give it little streaks, a whip pan, as it’s called.

That is how you move around and inside a scene. I’m moving the anchor point inside the layer panel and then take the keyframes to the next thing and put it next to the previous one and I can hold keyframes so it gets there holds it and it doesn’t bounce around. It will bounce around because the anchor point is a busy curve. To avoid that you need to hold keyframe and we’re done!

Thank you for watching this video. My name is Jeff Sengstack, and Adobe certified expert and the lead instructor here at If you want to watch this entire video lesson as well as other live classes and After Effects crash courses, then I invite you to check out the Blue FX After Effects Academy. Just click the link below this video to find out what we’ve prepared for you in the After Effects Academy.

Join The After Effects Academy And Get Acces To This Full Lesson + Monthly Live Classes And After Effects Templates

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