Davinci Resolve Explainer Video Animation -Tutorial For Beginners [Whiteboard Template]

Do you want to make a simple yet catchy whiteboard animation video for your business? In this article, we will give you the step-by-step process on how to create whiteboard animation using DaVinci Resolve. We will be using the whiteboard explainer template that has over 400 characters and animations.

You can check this template by clicking here.

  • Once you have downloaded the files, click on the Universal folder, and go to Story # 1. Next, drag and drop all the characters into the Media Pool of DaVinci Resolve, along with the white background.

  • Next, drag the audio into the timeline. Zoom in so you can see where each audio pauses. This will help a lot in timing your animations with the audio clip. Next, also drag and drop the white background into the timeline.
  • To add a text, go to Effects > Titles, then select the Basic Title Text.
  • To edit your text, click on the text layer, then click Video > Title. Here you can type any text you want, adjust its font family, color, size, and spacing.
    Note: You can easily duplicate your text layer by holding “Alt” key and dragging your text.
  • To add a transition effect on your text, go to Effects > Video Transitions. You can also add transition effects on your character animations later on.
  • After that, you can now add the characters based on what the audio is saying.
  • Since this is a whiteboard animation, we want to add the different hand effects. To do this, find the Dragger Hand and Drawer Hand clips and drag it into the timeline. For best results, be sure to use the hand effects to cover the element you want to animate.

There you go! Now you have a whiteboard explainer video that you can use in your business.

Do you want to learn more about the different tips and tricks in using DaVinci Resolve? These tips that include keyframing and presets, are discussed by Szilard from bluefx.net on the video below. Don’t miss it out!



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