Davinci Resolve Intro Template [Free Download + Tutorial for Beginners]

Editing a FREE Intro Template Tutorial Using Davinci Resolve


Do you want to get a simple yet corporate-style intro for your videos? In this article, we have listed a quick guide on how to use and edit our FREE intro template with the use of Davinci Resolve

Click here to download the ready-to-use template.

  • Once you have downloaded the template, import the template files on the Media Pool.

  • To add all the needed footage to your timeline, click the Edit panel.

  • Drag all the necessary footage onto your timeline together with your logo.

  • Add a subtitle underneath your logo, if necessary. To do that, go to Effects Library > Titles > Text.

  • Type in your desired subtitle.
  • Adjust the font style, font size, and color contrast of your subtitle so people who watch your videos can easily read it.
  • To add a transition on your subtitle, select the subtitle layer and go to Effects Library > Video Transitions > Cross Dissolve.

Want to put your intro on the next level? Click the video below to watch the in-depth tutorial made by Szilard from bluefx.net.



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