Enhancing Vocal Audio Quality in Audition

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In today’s post, Jeff Sengstack will show you how to enhance vocal audio quality in Audition.

Note: make sure you watch the video tutorial Jeff has prepared for you!

Let’s start!

What you could do in order to get more control is to use a Preset. So you got this little vocal thing here and you want to enhance the audio quality, they have presets.

The Presets are inside the Effects Rack.

So you have the Effects Racks, Effects Racks for individual files like this and when you’re working on a multi-track mix.


Effects Racks in Audition


So here’s the Effects Rack for this particular file and just a bunch place waiting for you to select an effect. I can go up and select an effect like a hard limiter or compressor or dynamics processing but there are these presets here. I’m clicking on the Presets drop down list. And you don’t need to read all these guys, it will take a long time to do that.

Presets List in Audition

But there are a couple of things in here that are vocal oriented. One is called the Podcast Voice, the other is called the radio announcer voice. The Podcast Voice, I’m going to show that to you, I don’t recommend you use it. It adds something; you get this message saying – by the way, one of these guys requires a lot of process for power mix, the one right there. I say, okay, fine. It uses something to call the adaptive noise reduction.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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The adaptive noise should actually try to analyze your files for any noise and then tries to reduce the noise, which is not a good thing because it does not work that well. It usually is lagging behind any noise and usually doesn’t really do a good job reducing the noise and so I’d rather control that manually and I’m going to show you how to reduce noise and remove noises next class.

Anyways, so I use control command Z to undo that. I don’t want to do it that way.

The good one to use instead of Podcast Voice is Radio Announcer Voice. That adds three effects:

  • Multiband Compressor
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • and Hard Limiter.

So to see these effects and show how they work, I’m going to turn off these bottom two, I’m just clicking on this little green thing there, a little tilt with just the multiband compressor.

Wow! Isn’t that something. My voice is now way down here. I’ll double click on this just to show you how this looks like.

Multiband Compressor in Audition

This is the multiband compressor. It’s called the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) from a German company and the company that made this for the VST plug-in, which is now a standardized plug-in approach for audio. This company called Izotope.

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It divides up the audio into four frequency bands and then allows you to adjust characteristics within those frequency bands and you can control the bands like so and you decide which area you want to control and you can also slow them hear what’s going on. If I press this, it will be very base like. That’s the base side of things like the solo mid-range.

And it’s amazing that you for these guys together ends up something like this: whether that nation, or any nation. So that is boosting certain areas, pulling back certain areas, and this is a powerful tool and you can adjust things if you want to, instead of taking the way that Adobe engineers set this up for voices you can change if you want. You can say raise vocals, what have you, but I’m really happy with what they’ve done here on the Preset. It’s pretty hard to understand all these stuff anyways, so I’m happy with that. I will close that down.

Thank you for watching this video. My name is Jeff Sengstack, an Adobe certified expert and the lead instructor here at bluefx.net. If you want to watch this entire video lesson as well as other live classes and After Effects crash courses, then I invite you to check out the Blue FX After Effects Academy. Just click the link below this video to find out what we’ve prepared for you in the After Effects Academy.

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