Filmora Intro Template [Free Download + Tutorial for Beginners]

FREE Filmora X Intro Template & Tutorial

Finding a clear and fancy intro template for your business videos? We got you covered because we are offering a FREE intro template below. But that’s not all. We also included a quick and easy guide on how to utilize this elegant template using Wondershare Filmora X.

Click here to download the free, ready-to-use template.

  • Once you have downloaded the template, import all the necessary files to the Project Media Folder Panel.
  • First, drag the background to the timeline.
  • Then, drag the ribbon reveal video to the timeline. If a prompt appears, just click on Keep Project Settings.
  • Next, also upload and drag your logo to the timeline. Place it below the ribbon reveal clip but above your background.
  • To add subtitles, go to Titles > Plain Text > then download Basic 1. Then make adjustments to the timing of the clips.
  • Next, add the lens flare on top of all the layers.
  • Double click on the lens flare clip then go to Compositing > change the Blending Mode from Normal to Screen.

    Does your logo’s color not blend with the default color of the ribbon? Watch the full guide below as Uwais from discusses it thoroughly.




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