Free After Effects Templates Vs Premium Paid Templates – Tips & Tricks

At we understand how important it is to try our templates before purchasing, so we decided to offer you a vibrant selection of Free After Effects Project that you can download and use at no cost. You are free to use these projects and even monetize them, on social media or video uploading sites. You can also create as many videos as you want for yourself or any number of your clients, a feature that we call cash making licence, which is basically an extended commercial licence included by default for all our products. Yes, even the free ones!

9 Differences Between Free After Effects Templates Vs Premium Paid Templates

Free AE Templates are great and constructed with the same care as the premium ones, however they have some limitations:

  1. Limited Number of Scenes
  2. Reduced number of Media and Text Placeholders
  3. No Color Picker is included
  4. Smart Sliders for adjustments and easy controls are Not Included

A Paid Premium AE Template is a complex project on which we work months to deliver and test, it has a modular easy to use structure and you benefit from the following features:

  1. Advanced Built in controller for size, position and other adjustments
  2. Colors Pickers or premade color schemes included
  3. Images or character Clipart Collections for easy use and access
  4. Premium Phone and Ticketing Technical Support
  5. Access to Future Update for Free

For All our Premium Templates we offer:

  • 60 Days No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Extended Commercial License
  • Full Technical Support

What is a Good Source for Free After Effects Templates?

A good source that we recommend and vouch for is our own collection of Free AE Templates.


You can access them here: BlueFX Free After Effects Templates

4 Free After Effects Templates that We Recommend for You!

We do have a selection of AE projects that our clients have downloaded and absolutely loved. The feedback that we’ve received is absolutely amazing!

1. The Logo Animation After Effects Template


The Logo Template is as easy as it gets in terms of editing. You just need to import your logo and drop it into the corresponding logo placeholder. You can then change the tagline text and it’s ready to render! The project has pre-rendered elements so it will render very fast. The sound FX are also included in the project. This template is perfectly suitable for any intro on your videos.

After Effects Templates That Are Easy To Edit

Download this Free After Effects Logo Animation Template right now!

2. The Mini Explainer AE Template


The mini version of our popular Whiteboard Explainer template is great to test out and discover the endless possibilities of the main project. You can create quick explainer presentation that are guaranteed to engage your audience and wow your competitors. An explainer video is proved to convert as much as 3 times higher than a regular sales video. These videos are also super fun to watch, our clients just love them.

You can create an explained video in as short as 7 minutes and it will enable you to present your work to your customers in an easy to understand format.

Free Explainer Video Template made in After Effects

Get your Free Mini Explainer After Effects Template now!

3. The No Gravity Opener AE Template


The No Gravity Opener is a cool template that you can use as an intro for virtually any presentation. The flat modern style kinetic text animations will add that extra design touch your video needs and deserves. Put the text animations as overlays on any footage, as titles or lower thirds. We’ve built in time controllers so with a single click you can adjust the length markers and extend the duration of the video. This intro template will make any old footage or static photo come to life and look cool and fresh. As usual, no plugins are required and a video tutorial is included on how to edit the project step by step. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

After Effects Template No Gravity Opener | Bluefx

Download now this Amazing Concept No Gravity Opener Free AE Template!

4. The Colorizer Free After Effects Template


Video editors love this one! With a single click you can add amazing color presets and setups to your videos and adjust different settings. Your videos will look like blockbusters in no time.

The Colorizer Free template include:

  • Elements (warm and with light leaks)
  • Old paper (turn your videos into magazine sketches)
  • Memories (nostalgic and dreamy)
  • Security camera (see thru the lens of a CCR camera)
  • Old film look (with authentic film scratches and noise)
  • Summer dream (hot and authentic look)
  • Indie film look (action is the name of the game)
  • Warm nostalgia (turn your memories into vivid dreams)
Free After Effects Templates: The Colorizer, great for after effects intro videos Present a New Free After Effects Template The Colorizer  to download!

If you enjoy our free templates (which we are sure you’ll do ), then you’ll absolutely love our premium templates.

4 Tips for Buying an AE Template

When you choose a AE template there are some things to keep in mind in order to make a correct buying decision:

  1. Make sure the template is modular so you can select different scenes and make your own story
  2. Make sure the template has a video tutorial included
  3. It has to be optimized for fast rendering
  4. If possible choose one that doesn’t require any plugins. All our templates work without the use of any plugins!

3 Cool After Effects Tips and Tricks

Here are some cool tips that will help you out as a video editor or casual After Effects user:


  • You can edit and render multiple projects inside the same project at the same time. Instead of opening multiple instances of AE with different projects, you can choose File-Import-File and import the .aep project file of the project that you intend to use. A great scenario to use this technique is when editing multiple logo templates at the same time


  • Press “0” on the numeric pad to Ram Preview a Composition (with sound) or Press “.” on the numeric pad to Preview Only the Sound. You can also Hold the Ctrl Key and Drag the Timeline Indicator to Scrub Through the Audio



  • When rendering a project for a client, make a draft render with the resolution set to third, before making the final render. It will be much faster and you can see any flaws before the final main render. You can set the resolution to Third under the Render Settings in the Render Queue


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