FREE Fire Title Template For Premiere Pro + Tutorial

Are you tired of using the same plain intro text on your videos? Do you want to put some “fire” on to elevate it? You are on the right spot, because we are giving a FREE Fire Title Template for Adobe Premiere Pro. We also have included a step-by-step guide on how to use this free template to your advantage.

Click here to download this template, complete free of charge.

  • Once you have downloaded the template, import all the media files on the Project Panel by dragging and dropping.
  • Next, drag the Base onto your timeline.
  • Then drag and drop the Reveal clip above the Base.
  • Next, add the Base Loop clip also on the Base track.
  • Next, also add the Upper Loop clip on the Reveal track.
  • To add a Text Layer, go to Graphics > New Layer > Text.
  • You can now reposition your text, adjust its size, color, and style.
  • To duplicate your Text Layer, hold down the Alt key, then drag.
  • Important Note: Place your Text Layers below the Reveal clip but above the Base track.

All right! Now you have an awesome and “fiery” intro text template that you can use on your future videos. Should you be interested on learning more tips on using this wonderful template, be sure to check out the video below as Szilard from explains it thoroughly.



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