Get More Sales With Online Video – The 3 Video Types


3 Video Types You Need to Sell Stuff on the Internet


In your business, the videos you make dictate whether people would buy the products you are offering or not. Do you want to increase the chance of getting your videos sold on the Internet?

Here are 3 types of videos in your business that you need to sell stuff all over the Internet.


If you look at your business and video marketing strategy as a tree, you will see three parts. The first part is what we call TRAFFIC. It is the crown of the tree.

Just as the leaves of a tree gather most of the sunlight, your traffic videos also accumulate most of the exposure and views from people that direct them to your content. These include all your social media videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


The next part of the tree is what we pertain to as the OFFER.

Just as all the sunlight that was gathered by the leaves goes to a specific place or the trunk, all the views from the people should also be directed to your sales page that has a sales video on it.

To know how to effectively construct your offer video, you should rely on a famous formula A-I-D-A + R.

  1. Attention – This is the most important part of your offer videos. If you get this right, people will find your video interesting and eventually watch the whole video. On the other hand, if you mess this part up, people will likely tune out and lose their attention.
  2. Interest – Your offer video needs to evoke interest. You need to make sure that you are talking about stuff that your prospect and your viewer are interested in.
  3. Demonstration – After gaining the attention and interest of your viewers, you have to have a clear demonstration of what your product or service is and how it is doing.
  4. Action – The last part is you want people to take an action and you got to tell them exactly what to do. Click a button, book a call or anything that you want them to do in order to make a sale.
  5. Risk Reversal – This additional part is a guarantee. This is where you make sure that your offer feels like it has no risk for your client. Otherwise, they won’t grab your offer.

The final part of your business and video-making strategy is what we call the UPSELL, where it is something that makes most of the profit.

Nobody sees the roots of the tree. Nobody is focusing on it, but it actually drives all the nutrition to the whole tree. Likewise, your upsell videos drive all the profit into your business.  This happens when you drive your customer from not knowing you to trusting you, and eventually to buying and rebuying from you. Remember that once you made your first sale, the second sale would become much easier.

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