How to animate multiple layers with Animation Composer [Free AE Plugin]

In today’s post, Jeff, our Adobe certified lead instructor here at, will show you how to animate multiple layers with Animation Composer.

Animation Composer is a Free After Effects plugin, provided by Mr. Horse

Let’s start!

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We have a bunch of text layers.
If I want to animate all of them, I can click on the first one and shift and click on the last one down there, go above to Animation Composer and animate all the layers.

where to choose the animation composer

Go to 2D Layer Transformations, I’ll just animate all of them on Position and rotation. And now all those guys will be animated.

2d layer transformations

All of them are now animated. I animate all of them at once, which is remarkable, just think how much work that saves. And they all come on in staggered times like this.

I have a More tools button here

More tools button in Animation Composer

I can shift the transitions, some of them are frames; I can align them, I can align them to come at the same time,

I can say

In transition markers Animation Composer

I want to align “in transition markers” to the playhead.

You can see that all align in the same time.

I can stagger the layers, I can stagger in transitions

stagger in transitions

If I want to stagger them more, I can change them in terms of frames and I can do in ascending, descending or random order.

Let’s say I choose random order, 5 frames

stagger frames

and I click DO, it will shift these guys all over the place and have them coming slightly differently now.

Another thing I want to show you is the Anchor Point Mover.

Anchor Point Mover

I will choose the Experience layer, I’ll just take my selection tool and move it down here and scale it up a little bit, so you get a chance to see a little bit better.

You can see where the anchor point is, you can move it with the pen tool, but you can do it with the Anchor Point Mover. You can move it whenever you want.

move the anchor point

A quick reminder:

Going back to the Transitions Shifter, it allows you to adjust things, stagger them, line them up wherever you want.

Download Mr Horse’s Animation Composer plugin here

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