How To Create A YouTube Channel (2022 Beginner Friendly Method)

Do you want to create your own YouTube Channel but doesn’t have any idea how? We got your back! Here is a guide on how to create your very own YouTube Channel.


  • Open Youtube.
  • Click on the sign in button on the top right corner of your screen.
  • If you already have a google account you will be able to sign in, but if you don’t have just click on “Use another account” to create.
  • Select “Create account” and then choose “To manage my business” in order to have few extra options.
  • Fill out this section and the after click “Next”.
  • Fill out also this section and the select “Next”.
  • Select the first option and then “Next”.
  • Scroll down and click “Confirm”.
  • Scroll down again and click “Agree”.
  • In this page you will be asked to create your business profile, however, we don’t need to get into that for now so just click “Not now”.
  • After your Youtube account is set up you need to click on the icon on the top right corner and then “Create channel”.
  • Choose a channel name and type it in the box provided and the click “Create channel”.
  • However, if you already have a Youtube channel and you just want to create another one, just click on your profile image and then go to “settings”.
  • On this page, click on “add or manage your channel”.
  • Select “Create A Channel”.
  • Type the name of your channel and the select “create”.
  • Let’s continue setting up your new channel, to do so, click on your profile image and select “customize channel”.
  • Click on “Branding” and the select “Upload” to choose your profile image.
  • Choose an image and then click “Open”.
  • Edit it to fit then select “Done”.
  • You can also add banner image, just click on “Upload”.
  • Choose and image then select “Open”.
  • Edit it to fit then select “Done”.
  • Now, to add a watermark, go to Video watermark and the click “Upload”.
  • Choose an image then click “Done”.
  • Edit to fit and select “Done”.
  • You can now go “Basic info tab” about you and your channel by typing it in the box provided.(Quick tip: add your main keywords so that your videos have the highest chances of ranking for those keywords)
  • You can also add links by clicking “Add link” to different social media channels.
  • Moreover, you can add a contact info by typing it to the box provided.
  • And a really cool feature here is that you can also Custom channel URL, which means that instead of those random numbers you can add your very own brand name after YouTube.
  • Now, let’s unlock EXTRA FEATURES to your YouTube Channel.
  • To get all these feature, you got to have your channel verified, just click the icon above and then go to “YouTube Studio”.
  • Then click “Settings” below.
  • Click “Channel”.
  • Since you want the extra features, just click on “Verify Phone Number”.
  • Type in your phone number and hit submit.
  • After receiving a text message from Google take that 6 digit code copy and paste it and the hit “submit” to make your YouTube Channel verified.
  • The next thing you need to do is upload your first video, all you got to do click on the icon above.
  • And to make you videos more exciting to watch is if you add cool graphics and transitions.

And that’s it! All of your videos can now be uploaded to your YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to watch the entire How to Make a YouTube Channel video from




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