How to make a fun video in After Effects

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In today’s post, Jeff will show you how to make a fun video in After Effects. Remember to watch the 5 minutes video tutorial, it will make it easier for you to understand.

So let’s start!

A little trick in terms of how you edit a comp when you’re going to do a lot of editing work, where you’re going to take some control over the finished product and really try to line things up the way you want to line them up is to have two compositions at once so you can see the main composition; and then while you work on something else, you’ll see the results showing up in the main composition.

Let me go back to the main composition here. I’m going to click on this little lock up in the upper left-hand corner. The toggle, if you’re locked there clicked another. Lock that composition.

How to toggle viewer lock

You’re seeing one. Go back to this one.
Look at this, it’s not letting me open it because that was locked.
Go back up here and double click and you’ll see one like that. It will open up a second panel now, a separate comp panel. There’s Comp 0 and there’s this one that we just added. Comp 0 is the main. It’s locked, you’ll see the lock there. This one is not. It’s a typical comp panel.

But the same side by side, you take this first one, you start grabbing this little tab here and you see a little trapezoid or square or rectangle as you move it around like that. If you put it over here with the trapezoid, just make sure you make a whole new frame with that panel and the frame. Now you have two frames side by side with this panel and this one and whatever panel you want over in this one.

How to make two frames

As you move through here if I go forward a little bit, the one on the right will refresh faster than the ones in the left. You can see as I go on the right on this one here, then the work shows up over there. It’s a good way to check your work as you do it to make sure things are where you want them to be.

Two Frames

Take a look at your scene here, there are three compositions here.
This one is called “dragging your logo” although it’s misspelled. Don’t worry about that. It’s dragging your logo. And then, “Text” and then the “Drag man”.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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I turn them all off so you can see them. I turn the first one. You see the “Dragging your logo”, it’s this hand coming up like that. It positions your logo there. And then “dragging the man” is this guy right here. You have two things coming here.

Finally, the text appears on its own there in a little animation. You might want to position this guy in a different place. You might want to change the position of the logo and you might want to change how the text is laid out. These are all things you have the option of doing in terms of setting up one of these layers.

If you are somebody just buying this template, this level of detail will be something you probably wouldn’t tackle. But since you guys are Academy members, the goal of being an Academy member is to learn more about After Effects. My guess is you would take these extra steps to customize the same way you want to customize it.

Let’s talk about this “dragging your logo”. Let’s add a logo first to the whole thing down here. The “you change” folder, down the side the “you change” folder is your logo. Double click on that. This is where you add a logo. I’m going to add some stuff in here.

How to import assets in After Effects

To import some stuff I just double click on this empty space there and I’m going to go to my desktop, I’m going to go to the template project shortcut. I’ve got some assets inside there. There’s three videos and two logos. I’ll click on one, shift click on the last one. What I did, I click on the first one, shift click on the last one to select all of them and click import. There they go.

The first one is a rectangular logo. The next one is a round one first. If I drag my logo over here, I can turn the line up like that. Let go. You’ll see it shows up immediately over here in this view of the comp panel which is a good thing. It’s good to know where it’s going to end up.

drag logo to the composition

I’m going to turn off this ability of this text underneath there by clicking on the eyeball. There’s our logo. If I want to change the size of it, from this I can make it active. Click on S for scale if I want to and change the size of it.

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At some point, let’s see how it fits in this scene there. See the results of your work here, like so. If I pull it down here, clip it down the bottom – you don’t want to do that. That’s okay. That’s just our logo. We added it up.

We close this comp down and go back to the “your scene”. You can see now where it’s positioned in your scene. Here I can position it as well. I can take it here and pull it down. It’s something I can do without worrying it being clipped at the bottom. Snapping is turned on. You want to turn off snapping so it doesn’t around like that.

I can move it around here. I can also change the size of it over here as well. I can change the scale if I want. By moving it around, that also moves around the hand that pops up with it as well. The hand stays aligned in the proper position. That’s good to know.

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