How to Make a Thumbnail for YouTube Videos – [Free Template Included]

Are you an aspiring Youtuber who wanted to create an eye catching and presentable thumbnails for your content? Worry less because we have a solution for that! Here is the quick and easy tutorial on how to make Youtube thumbnails.

  • First thing you need to do is to record poses that would fit for your thumbnail such as:
  • If you’re on Windows, you can use the Snipping Tool to take a snapchat off that frame.
  • And to edit it to make it more interesting you can use CANVA, all you need to do is open up
  • Click on that “Youtube Thumbnail”.
  • In order to import your picture, just click on “Upload” and “Upload Files”.
  • After importing, drag and drop the image to the timeline.
  • For cropping the image, click “Crop” located at the top.
  • To add another color to your thumbnail to make it more appealing, just click “Background” and choose color.
  • Click “Text” to add text to your thumbnail.
  • Make sure your text is readable by clicking “Text color” at the top and choose the color.
  • To edit your image, just click the image itself and select “Edit Image”.
  • For you to download your new thumbnail, go to “Share” and click “Download”.

And voila! Now you got yourself a fantastic and very eye catching thumbnail for your video. Don’t forget to watch the full tutorial on making YouTube thumbnails easy and free from

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