How To Make Animated GIF’s In After Effects And Post Them To Facebook

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What Is a GIF animation good for?

It can be used to creates looping animated “picture-videos” that are sometimes called “cinemagraphs.”

Here is an example:


This is how you can make them:

GIF animations are highly popular and for good reason
-The small file size allows an immediate load, so people can see your animations instantly on the web

-People love to share GIF’s, because of this you can get a lot of social traffic to your content
(it could even go viral)

-There is a high demand for such GIF animated graphics so if you are looking to attract clients, offering animated GIF’s might be a good hook.

This guy had over 1000 clients just by offering these simple animations.

Yes, at a low price point, but it shows that there is demand on the market for something like this.

So,  let me know what you think.



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Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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