How To Remove an Object With The Clone Stamp Tool

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In After Effects you can replace pixels from a scene with pixels from another scene by using the Clone Stamp tool. This tool works similarly with the clone stamp tool from Adobe Photoshop and it’s usually used to remove objects from different shots.

Let go ahead and take a look at this tool in action

  • First, select import-file and choose your video and create a new composition by dragging it onto the new comp button at the bottom of the Project PanelHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-1
    To use the clone stamp tool we need to open the layer panel so double-click on the footage to do thatHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-2
    In this example we’ll remove the motion tracking points from this scene, so we can then obtain a perfect chroma key
  • We’ll replace the motion tracking points with green from the rest of the background and for this example we’ll choose this point
  • Choose the clone stamp tool from the panel and if the panel doesn’t automatically open you can bring it up by pressing the “Toggle the Paint panels” buttonHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-3
    We’ll choose the brush panel and extend the window if needed, so we can see betterHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-4
    Next, we’ll bring down the hardness property a bit, so we can have a bit of feather on the edgesHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-5
    We now need to alt-click on option-click on macs on a clean area to select a sample area to paint on the top of the motion tracker
  • Once the sampling has been done, position the brush tool over the tracking point and click. This will result in pixels from the sample area being painted on top of the designated painting area
  • How-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-6
  • Now, scrubbing through the video, we see that our paint stroke stays in the same area and it doesn’t move. We’ll need to animate the position of the paint stroke
  • In the layer panel we’ll choose the view to “none”, and we’ll bring up the tracker by choosing window-trackerHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-7
    We’ll click “track motion” and move the tracking point on top of the tracking point from the sceneHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-8
  • Click on “analyze forward”
  • Next, we need to bring down the properties of the footage layer by pressing on the little arrow next to the layer and we’ll select the “Attach Point” of the track point and we’ll copy the keyframes by pressing Ctrl+C (Command+C) and macOSHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-9
  • Then we’ll move down to the position property of the Clone Stamp tool and we’re going to paste the keyframes. Press Ctrl+V or Command +V to do that. It’s important to notice that keyframes are being pasted on the current position of the time indicator so it’s vital to bring the cursor to the beginning of the composition in the timeline areaHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-10
  • Next, we need to go back in the layer track panel and in the view section, we’ll switch back to Paint. Now the clone stamp tool is attached to the tracker so it will move accordingly, perfectly covering the designated area in the footageHow-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-11
  • If needed, we can bring down the hardness but not too much as the feather effect might expose parts of the designated area.How-To-Remove-an-Object-With-The-Clone-Stamp-Tool-12

Last consideration notes

The clone stamp tool is an easy and versatile tool to use and it also has an advanced feature: the offset in time. This can be useful when an object is temporarily covering the object from which you are trying to copy the pixels from

This technique is useful to remove objects from a scene or add a new object into a scene

Thanks for reading this article and please stay tuned for more cool articles coming soon with AE Tips  and tricks and cool techniques

Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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