How to remove hum sounds in Adobe Premiere Pro

In today’s post, Jeff, our lead instructor, will show you how to remove hum sounds in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Note: Remember to watch the video tutorial, it would be so much easier for you to follow Jeff’s instructions.

Let’s start!

One thing that happens in United States (North America) is that the electrical system has 60 cycles per seconds, 60 hertz. In other parts of the world, that’s 50 hertz.

Sometimes if you have lights in a room or some electronic or electric gear they put on a hum.

That is at 60 cycles per second. The hum gets into your audio. You want to be able to remove that hum. There’s actually is a way to do that.

Let’s see how you can do it!

You we all have done little ways to go to—- Audio instead of Video. There we go. Let’s see.

I look at Dehummer there’s a legacy, that’s the older version.

Dehummer is the newer version.

Dehummer in Audio Effects Adobe Premiere Pro

Drag this down to you.

See the Dehummer’s up here. If I click on edit, it has some presets. The presets that are important, are 50 hertz and 60 hertz.

Dehummer Presets

Click on 60hertz. This is at 60 hertz in harmonics.

That’s important because sound from electrical source like that is not necessarily going to be just 60 hertz. These sounds are what we call harmonic sounds cell like frequencies above the sound itself.
This takes out those frequencies. That little drop like that is a reduction in volume.

Reduction of volume

The hum is gone but you hear it, obviously the audio changes but this is one way to get rid of hum.
If you work with Adobe Addition, it’s much, much better than working with Adobe Premiere Pro to get rid of sound. Just say you know but you can get rid of hum and you could adjust the depth of these guys to have them so they don’t quite get so carried away. It doesn’t have to be so dramatic.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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That’s what we want to do, I’ll do that. I’ll go back to the preset here. There you can say how much you want to reduce things like that. But if it’s just hum only, that’s the hum that identifies that it’s going to get rid of.

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