Lower Thirds in After Effects, Premiere Pro and Other Major Video Editing Software (Sony Vegas, Camtasia and more)

4 Tips for adding a great Lower Third to your video:

  1. make sure it’s relevant and congruent in terms of design with the rest of the video
  2. the colors of the lower third should fit the brand colors
  3. the animation should fit with the content and subject of the video
  4. it should stay long enough to be read and have the proper size to be displayed correctly on all types of screens

What makes a Lower Third Template Great & How are BlueFX Lower Third Templates Structured:

  • Our lower 3rd templates are designed in sections, so everything is modular inside.
  • There are dedicated text holders and logo holders for each section
  • All the graphical elements have color controllers attached to it, so each color can be easily changed
  • The background is transparent so they are ready to be overlayed on any footage
  • We have built-in markers for extending the duration, so with a simple drag you can change the length of the video
  • Our lower thirds work in After Effects, Premiere Pro and many other popular video editing software such as Sony Vegas and Camtasia

5 Tips when Choosing an After Effects Lower Third Template or When Designing one:

  1. a lower thirds give additional information but it also adds to the story. The key factor is to make sure the graphics are not too distracting. It’s best to keep it simple so you don’t overwhelm your audience
  2. make sure your lower third graphics are not too snappy and abrupt. It’s best to ease out the keyframes in order to get smooth movements
  3. make sure your title stays inside the action/safe area, in order to be displayed on all types of monitors and image ratios correctly
  4. make sure the colors are not too bright and flashy. They should be in congruence with the brands’ colors and message. Colors are very important as they create a state of mind and perception about the brand
  5. Make sure your fonts are easily readable in conjunction with the video you are using as a background. Also, consider using modern sans-serif and even combining 2 or 3 font types for a more powerful visual impact

4 BlueFX Lower Third Templates both Free and Paid/Premium

  1. The Free Lower Third


This is a clean looking template and the style of this design fits most businesses. It’s a multi-purpose project designed to work in most video editing software and it included the pre-rendered elements as well as the After Effects project files

You can Download the Free Lower Third After Effect Temple and create your desire AE project.


  1. The Ultimate Lower Thirds Megapack


This package contains 20 beautifully animated lower thirds which are designed to be edited in the quickest and easiest way possible. There are 3 color variations included in the project making a total of 60 variations to choose from. It works with all major video editing programs and we’ve included multiple tutorials to cover most of them.

Start using the Ultimate Lower Thirds Megapack and improve your projects with BlueFX templates.

  1. The Sports Lower Thirds MegaPack


Perfect for your sport related events. It contains 7 separate lower thirds designs, that cover the most popular sports. 3 color variations are included and multiple tutorials.

For a sports fan, this Sports Lower Thirds Ultimate MegaPack is the one for you!

  1. The Minimal Lower Thirds MegaPack


Suitable for creating minimal yet modern lower thirds projects. The Package contains 6 lower thirds in 3 color variations, making a total of 18 lower thirds. These lower thirds will make your video stand out and they will complement the message of the presentation.

You can get your Minimal Lower Thirds Megapack and start using it right away!

An all in One The Solution for your Lower Third Complex Projects!


If you anticipate using a lot of lower thirds in your videos, the best deal is to get our lower thirds bundle, which saves you $148 off the total price.

The Lower Thirds Mega Bundle contains:

  1. The Minimal Lower Thirds Megapack
  2. The Ultimate Lower Thirds Megapack
  3. The Sports Lower Thirds Megapack

As a special offer, You Can get The Lower Thirds Mega Bundle here! Enjoy the BlueFX AE templates!

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