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Your business needs a video presentation to stand out. It’s a non negotiable asset to have in 2018 and beyond. A key component to having a great video is an intro logo animation.

Your graphic designer will hand over a logo which represents your business, in the form of a static image or vector. Next step is to bring it to life and give it the glitter and shine it deserves. It will wow your audience and give flavor to the starting and ending segments of your video presentation.


What is the best tool for having an Intro Logo Animation done right?

There are many tools that can accomplish this task but for now will stick to what we know works best: Adobe After Effects. In AE, you can import your logo and bring it to life, add sound to it and render out a great intro video.

How can you create an intro logo animation in After Effects?

There are 3 ways to go about it:

1. Hire and expert or a freelancer to do it for you

It’s a great choice if you have the right budget and wish to involve yourself in the creation process by giving directions and specs to your designer. It will be time consuming and costly, but if your looking for an 100% original logo animation, that’s to way to go about it.

2. Do it yourself

If your skill set included After Effects and you are proficient and this software and have time to dedicate to creating an unique logo animation, this is certainly a good solution, as AE provides you with great built in effects and plugins that you can use and implement in your project. Third party plugins will help you expand your vision and enable you to create even a more amazing end product. A top plugin for this that we would recommend is Element 3D.

3. Use an After Effects pre-made template

If you enjoy things done fast and extremely efficiently, then using an AE intro logo template is the best solution. Our selection of templates include projects that have a very high degree of customization so it’s extremely easy to create a unique render by adjusting and tweeking the built in controllers.

What is the process of editing a BlueFX Intro Template?

The process is easy as 1-2-3. You need to import your logo file into After Effects, this has to be in .png .psd or any other format with transparency, open up the logo container (also called a placeholder), double click on the tagline to edit it, adjust the colors and the project is ready to render.


6 Benefits of Using and After Effects Intro Logo Animation?

  1. Perception and Positioning. – It will leave a visual footprint in your client’s mind thus improving brand awareness. In other words, your business will be much more memorable by your clients
  2. A logo animation is as unique as your website or brand colors. A well done logo animation will help your audience connect emotionally with your brand and enable you to stand out from the crowd and information overwhelm
  3. Professional Look and Consistency – Your logo animation can be displayed several times throughout the presentation and in different forms: intro, outro, intermediate stings and lower thirds animations. It will add consistency to your video and keep the information flow within context
  4. The costs are Very Low – Of all the template animations categories, the logo intros are the most inexpensive, making them a total no-brainer to purchase and use
  5. Easy and Friendly to Use – A logo animation template is as easy as it gets in terms in editing and you don’t need any outside  source to assist you in putting it together
  6. Use your animated logo on Instagram, Facebook and on your website to create an instant visual impact. Logo animations stand out on social media platforms and they are highly shareable.

4 of the Best After Effects Intro Logo Categories that we recommend!

  1. The Logo Reveal


You can test it yourself by clicking at this link:  Logo Reveal AE Template

It’s the most simple and straight forward choice. Also the most cost effective. A simple and modern intro animation, which is short yet of impact. Add your logo and tagline and it’s ready to go!

  1. The Glitch Intro Logo


It’s time to start a new modern look for your logo. Download Glitch Intro Logo After Effects Template right away!

It has a more cinematic and high tech look. Media or footage can be used in the background intro section as well. Very fast render. An awesome template with great energy!

  1. The 4 Logo Template


For the complex package of AE Logo Animations  Download our special template 4 Logo Animations After Effects Template.

This template is actual a package of  4 logo intros that you can use. The first one will transform your logo into a chrome elegant piece and eventually morph into your original logo.  The camera moves on this one are very smooth and cinematic. The second one will show the creation of your logo from glass pieces, which are shattered in the end, leaving your logo in its original form. The third one shows your logo in a futuristic setup and multi layering, eventually revealing the original logo and the last one shows your logo being formed from rapid falling pieces, coming together in the end to its original form after a cinematic explosion.

  1. The Logo Supercharger Pack

bluefx-logo-supercharger-10-after-effects-templatesDownload the BlueFX Supercharger Logo Pack with 10 After Effects that will draw your attention right away!

The supercharger pack is a collection of 10 logo intro templates that you can display throughout your projects or videos. They are all highly customizable, and they have various controllers for colors, size and position. The background can also be turned on or off if you with the overlay the animation on top of your video or footage.

In conclusion, an Intro Logo Animation is a must have, it’s very inexpensive and will make you stand out in from of your competitors and give your videos an extra design touch. The presentations will be more memorable and your audience will bond more easily with your message.

Remus Hosu

Remus Hosu

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