Three Funny Videos About Film Editing

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There’s nothing better than an industry in-joke, especially at the end of a long day in the edit suite, and these three videos should give you plenty of chuckles as anyone working in the world of editing.

The Assistant Editor Song


Written by Assistant Editor Mark Adams, the ‘Assistant Editor Song’ perfectly captures the struggles and triumph of a working AE.

It’s pretty quickly zipped towards 50,000 views on Youtube and if you want to thank Mark for the laughs you can buy it for a buck over on Bandcamp.


“ ‘Cause I’m an A.E.

You know don’t me

Creating documents nobody sees

Updating bins and assembling scenes


I’m an A.E.

Nobody listens to me at all

And camera guys they drive me up the wall

Still life doesn’t get any better

Than being an assistant editor”


Edit Suite Etiquette

This is one of my all time favorite videos about editing and in a short 7 minutes editor Joy Moeller sassily shares her insights on real life inside the edit suite. Share this with your editor friends, they’re going to love it.

“Number 12. If you’re going to suggest moving something a specific number of frames, or ticks or percentages, have a knowledge of what it is you’re actually asking.

If you ask me ‘Hey, I think we should move that like, 2 and a half frames.’

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. a) There’s no half frames
  2. b) I’m not going to do it but I’m going to tell you that I did.”

The Rough Cut Rap

With another musical treat, is this video from Matt Orf, who seems to spend most of his time making amusing videos and posting them on YouTube.

But he also seems to have a sound understanding of what it’s like to show your producer a rough cut for the first time…

“The text is temp,

I haven’t edited the credits yet,

It will look best when I add a vignette.

Ya’ deadlines’ got the whole office upset

I told you before we shouldn’t use this codec.

Adobe CC constantly freezes on me

And the green screen ain’t yet chroma-keyed…”

Speaking about Chroma-Keying

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Remus Hosu

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