Top 5 FREE Editing Programs for YouTubers!

5 FREE Editing Software for YouTubers


Are you an aspiring YouTuber who wants to explore awesome software you can use for editing the contents of your future channel? Or are you currently a YouTuber who wants to enhance your editing skills and bring lively content and videos for your channel through the use of various editing programs? Well, you are on the right spot because we already listed 5 free editing software you can utilize to get the most out of your YouTube channel. We have also added the download link for each program.

  • Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is the toned-down version of the Hitfilm Pro but is still great and useful when it comes to editing any raw footage you take. Now you can jump into the world of editing without having to pay a single cent since this software is free to download.



  • Audacity

Aside from your video, your sound quality also affects the overall viewing experience of people who watch your YouTube videos. That’s why having a professional audio editor like Audacity is a total game-changer. Audacity is a free software that records and decodes your audio and lets you add tangible effects like equalization, amplification, and much more.


  • Gimp

After editing the quality of your video and audio, now is the time to prepare the thumbnail for it. Gimp is a software alternative for Adobe Photoshop where you can do quite a few of the same things that Photoshop does. You can import the picture, crop it, edit it, and even add some cool effects like gradients, glows, blurs, etc. It also retains the full quality of your image and can be exported as JPEG or PNG files.


  • Blender

Now you already have high-quality audio, video, and even an eye-catching thumbnail, you might still want to put your editing skills to the next level. Blender is a 3D model engine where you cannot only import and manage 3D models, you can even design your own 3D model completely for free. Though this software sounds like an intense program, as it really is, you can still get the hang of it after several times of practice.


  • OBS Studio

YouTubers don’t only post videos on their channel. Some even have their own live streaming sessions, be it on Twitch or YouTube itself. That’s where OBS Studio jumps into action. OBS Studio is an open-source software that lets you enhance your streaming experience. With OBS, you can do cool things that a piece of live streaming software allows you to do. For example, you can add intro or graphics on your screen in live time as your audience is watching your video.


To find out how you can maximize these softwares’ potential, make sure to click the video below where Uwais explains it in detail.



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