Virtual Studio Sets for After Effects and Premiere Pro

What is a Virtual Studio Template?

A Virtual Studio or a virtual set is a production technique where the actual placement and location of a real studio is replaced by computer-generated graphics. The solution is very cost effective and in many cases, you almost can’t tell the difference between a live set and a virtual set

How does it work?

We recommend using Virtual Studio Set Template as they are very easy to use and the results they generate are spectacular. You will need to have footage of a presenter shot on green-screen and key it out before importing it into the project. Just like a real studio production would do, you will also need to import videos and place them on the virtual screens and all the other broadcast elements such as lower thirds, ticker texts, transitions and different scenes

Benefits of using a Virtual Studio!

  • The price. The most obvious benefit is the cost-effectiveness of using a virtual studio set compared to having to build a real set or rent a local studio
  • Modern virtual studio template has built-in features like camera movement, furniture choice, and complex angles. The possibilities are limitless
  • Low cost or production. All you really need is a computer capable of running standard video editing software such as Adobe After Effects, a Chroma Key, which is really just a piece of green fabric, and some basic lighting.
  • The Virtual Studio template is affordable, highly customizable and they are usually royalty free.

4 Important things that a Virtual Studio template contain!

Usually, they have the following structure:

  1. an intro section, which can be modified
  2. the main body with all the scenes/angles
  3. the transitions
  4. the lower thirds

What are the elements that you can change/alter in a BlueFX Virtual Studio Template?

The elements that you can change inside our templates are:

  • intro texts and images
  • furniture elements
  • camera angles
  • camera in our out pan movements
  • transitions between scenes
  • lower thirds including adding your logo
  • the duration of each scene can be changed just by dragging a marker

Our virtual Studios 5 to 11 all have Adobe Premiere Projects included too so they are template packs

The editing in Premiere Pro is also incredibly simple as we’ve to build placeholders for the screen and each scene has a talent track prepared.

All our templates have pre-rendered animations and design elements in order to be optimized for the best rendering performance. In other words, you can have a virtual set ready in minutes.

4 Amazing Virtual Studio Sets from BlueFX That Are Suitable for Your Business + A Special One!

Well, let’s take a look at a few examples. We’ve made a selection of our best selling Virtual Studio templates and they are all unique in different ways.

1. The Business Studio

The business studio is a virtual set with a high-end feel and design. There are many things included such as 3 lower thirds, 3 transitions and voiceless actor shots. You can extend each scene to up to 1 hr.


Download this new Business Studio After Effects Template !

2. The Virtual Studio 2

This is one of our best templates and the project is done 100% in After Effects, which means the degree of customization is incredible.


This project has 4 main segments:

  1. Intro
  2. studio whit one reporter
  3. double screen for live interviews
  4. studio desk with two reporters

For this particular project for the first time, we have introduced the ability to change the duration of the scenes just by dragging a marker on the timeline. There are 4 color setups included as well as a 3 click color picker that will enable you to customize the project according to your business colors and brand.

If you like this update you can read more about the Virtual Studio 2 AE Template!

3. The Virtual Studio 4


The Virtual Studio 4 brings our templates into a whole new different league of high-end products. The project contains everything you might need for creating an amazing presentation:

  • 2 intro animations (one designed for a text logo, one for around logo)
  • 6 newsroom elements (full body shot, the reporter at desk, shoulder set+screen, shoulder set for 2, split screen set, quote box)
  • 3 stylish transitions. You can switch in style between the scenes
  • 3 lower thirds. You can give more details and introduce the spokespersons’
  • step by step video tutorials

Additionally, we’ve included 4 amazing Bonuses to go over the top and overdeliver and make this wonderful template truly a no-brainer to get:

  1. a weather forecast room
  2. green screen footage
  3. stock footage
  4. 6 lessons of green screen training

You can get this template here:

If all that you read is what you want that Virtual News Studio 4 is the right AE template for you!

4. The Virtual Studio 8 Template Pack


This Virtual Studio Set 8 is truly spectacular as it includes a Premiere Pro project as well, so if you prefer to use that particular software for editing, we’ve made it very easy to do.

The setting has a home-like feel, yet classy and sophisticated. There are 2 lower thirds included, 2 transitions, an extended intro with several scenes and 14 different angle scenes

A particular feature of this template is that elements of furniture such as tables or desks can be interchanged or turned off, allowing a high degree of customization. The view out the office window can also be changed.

A free Bonus on how to edit green screen professionally  (valued at $97) is included and it will train you to use the green screen correctly and effectively.

Here is the link where you can find more about this amazing Virtual Studio 8 Template Package!

Special Pack – The Virtual Studio Set Bundle

If you are in search of multiple virtual studio sets products, then a bundle might be the right deal for you. You can save $297 by getting the Virtual Studio Bundle, which contains The Virtual Studio Set template, The Virtual Studio 2, The Business Studio and The Virtual Studio 4 at just $599.


We made this special Virtual Studio Set Bundle for you!

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