Working with Keyframes in Adobe Premiere Pro

In today’s post, Jeff will talk about working with keyframes in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Note: remember to watch the video tutorial Jeff has prepared for you.

Let’s get started!

And now I add the gopher snake shot to this empty sequence. It’s been centered up on the scene. If I put a 10% and click on motion, you’ll see it’s much bigger than the scene.

I can move a little bit. There’s something going on there, right? There, and the Anchor Point’s here so when I zoom in, it’s gonna zoom in on the Anchor Point, so it’s a little weird.

Here’s the video tutorial:


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I could take that video clip. I can turn on Keyframes just as I would in After Effects,

by clicking on the Stop Watch. For Position and for Scale.

turn on keyframes

Then I go forward here a little ways. I can zoom up the scale a bit like so. I can change the Position by clicking on Motion and dragging this around a bit. I’ll zoom a lot more here.

You can see me there, way, way, way up. There you go. And there’s this fellow looking at the snake there. Fearless, right. That’s how you feel about snakes but—I think that’s cool.

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Now, by changing the Position and the Scale, with Keyframes turned on, just as in After Effects, it automatically adds keyframes. Now you have a still image, but we can do the old Film Burns effect, right.

Like so, and just like in After Effects these are linear keyframes here, you see them in the Effects Control Pannel.

I can marquee select these first two keyframes, right-click on them, get Temporal Interpolation, and go Ease Out.

ease out

There is no easy Ease in Premiere Pro, but you can Ease Out. You want to Ease Out of those keyframes.

Now I Ease in to these and marquee select these guys or I click on them. Temporal interpolation would change Ease of it over time and Ease in on them.

Now this will play like so. It will gradually ease up and speed up and gradually ease back.

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