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Course: Learn the basics of After Effects to edit any Template

Lesson name: After Effects template buying tips

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Jeff Sengstack


About the author:

Jeff Sengstack is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor. He has been working in Adobe After Effects for over 10 years.

He has written several how-to books for Pearson and Adobe Press.

Jeff taught in the computer studies department at Santa Rosa Junior College. His curriculum focused on video and audio production.

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Finally, I want to give you some After Effects template purchasing tips. Now, I can’t help but make this sort of a soft sell for BlueFx, but I know that BlueFx is not the only game in town and you may look at a competitor when you’re looking to buy some templates. I want to give you some suggestions on what to look for. I’m going to use this template as an example.

Right now, you got some features here toward the top but I want to scroll down a bit and show you some more detailed version of those features. Start off with compatibility. After Effects is backwards compatible and that if you make a project at an older version of After Effects, it’ll open up on a newer version.

But, if you make it on a newer version, it won’t open on an older version. So, we make sure here at BlueFx that we make our templates on older version of After Effects so they’ll open up on a wide range of versions of After Effects. Check this to make sure that it’ll open up on your version of After Effects.

After Effects is a cross platform so any templates you buy from any competitor or BlueFx, will open up on both Windows and Mac. Some templates make us require to use plug-ins when you use with their templates. Plug-ins are little programs that run inside After Effects and if a plug-in is required, it’s almost always something that you need to buy. Well no plug-ins are required for any of the BlueFx templates.

We have something called universal tool expression inside our templates. Expressions are little mathematical formulas that cause certain behaviors in some templates and they’re almost always written in English. So, if you have a version of After Effects that’s in a different language, they may not work in this version.

Well, we have universalized all of our expressions to make sure they work on all language editions of After Effects. We also have something called one click color control. It’s mentioned down here but I want to show you an example that we’ve provided for your use. This is called Logo 16 and you can get it in the Extras folder and open it up and take a look at it.

Some of our templates allow you to change the colors of the elements very easily. This way, you can match the colors to your corporate colors for example. This ribbon here is all in blue but we can change all of these colors. Let me show you how easy that is.

I’m going to go to Ribbon 1 here for example and just click on that once like that and I’ll pick a color. I’ll pick red instead and there it is. It shows a bright little ribbon like that. I can even change the background color. Go over here, click on that. Click on that one little swatch there and change the color into something else like go to a light blue for example.

So, it’s very easy to change color. You just click once on the swatch, pick your color and off you go. A couple more things you might consider. Look at the resolution of the template.

We provide ours at full HD. If you shrink it down, it’ll still look good. If the template you look at are not full HD, when you expand them, when you scale them up, they’ll get kind of fuzzy looking, little bit out of focus. So make sure your templates are, at least, full HD.

Finally, we include a video tutorial about templates to make sure you know how to use them. I hope this quick explanation has helped you and now you can make a more informed decision when you purchase your next After Effects template.

Included Files:

-Business Slide After Effects Template

-Stock Video file

-Stock Music file

-4 Stock Images

-1 vector logo

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