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Course: Render In After Effects The Right Way

Lesson name: Render In After Effects The Right Way

Jeff Sengstack


About the author:

Jeff Sengstack is an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor. He has been working in Adobe After Effects for over 10 years.

He has written several how-to books for Pearson and Adobe Press.

Jeff taught in the computer studies department at Santa Rosa Junior College. His curriculum focused on video and audio production.

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Level: Beginner

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Welcome, my name is Jeff Sengstack from I am an Adobe Certified Expert and Instructor.

In this course you will learn how to render fast in Adobe After Effects, this way you don’t have to wait hours for a simple video to finish rendering.


-Rendering in After Effects can be painstakingly slow; some renders can take you 5 or even 10 hours to finish.

-There are times when a render freezes and you have to start all over again.

-There are dozens of settings and formats that you can use, each affecting the quality of the video and the duration of the render process.


In this course first you will learn how to make a basic render in 5 easy steps.

Than we will go in to more details, and I will show you how to render the really heavy projects, that usually take hours to complete.

-There are a number of setups that you need to make in order to prepare after effects for fast rendering.

Changing just a couple of settings can reduce the render time dramatically; we worked on projects that were the render time, normally took 2 hours to complete, then after fine-tuning the settings in After Effects, the same render took us just 25 minutes.

-I will also show you witch video formats and codecs to use in your videos.

-You will learn how to export your video to mp4 , quicktime and other popular video formats.

-You will also learn how to export a video with transparent background,

-There is a setting that prevents render crashes, it is in the so called “Secret Menu” of after Effects, I will show you how this works.

-You will learn how to render a video and at the same time to keep working in After Effects.
This will be accomplished by u sing the Adobe Media Encoder.

-I will give you my tips for setting up your machine for After Effects, specifically for rendering videos fast inside After Effects, this will show you witch hardware components will are the most important when working in After Effects.


After you have completed this course you will know how to render any After Effects project, your renders wont crash any more and you will get most of your renders finished in ½ of the time.

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Included Files:

Lower Third -After Effects Template

Logo Animation -After Effects Template

1 Royalty Free Stock Footage

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