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The Ultimate Shortcut To Learn After Effects
And Make Amazing Videos From Home


Would you invest $67 To Make Amazing Videos
That Impress Your Clients And Make More Sales?


Hi, I’m Jeff Sengstack,
(Adobe Certified Expert and the Lead Instructor at

If you’ve ever thought about learning After Effects to create eye  catching video presentations – even if it is just
so you can edit templates or create simple intro videos…

Or If you’re already creating videos and you would like to bring your After Effects skills to the next level,

Or just want to cut your After Effects Render time in half.

...And you’re the kind of person who likes shortcuts so you don’t waste years of your life and a lot of your money making mistakes or trying to “reinvent the wheel”.

Keep reading because I’m going to show you…

How You Can Systematically
Learn Adobe After Effects, Step By Step

All from the comfort of you computer, 100% virtually.

Including the exact After Effects workflow shortcuts we’ve developed.

...And that we at the Bluefx team, continue to use day in and day out to create spectacular videos that attract hundreds of new clients to our business.

I’m going to give you access to all of it…

To use for yourself…

...for just $67.

I’ll explain why in just a minute, but first, I’d like to let you in on…

The Unfair Advantage Successful
Video Editors Have…

After training hundreds of video editors around the world on how to build video presentations in After Effects...

I’ve noticed those who get the fastest results and are the most successful all have something in common.

They had the right support systems in place.

Things like:

  • Access to teachers and experts who give you shortcuts
  • Proven systems and templates to follow
  • Like-minded video editors to mastermind with

But, if you’re new to animated graphics…

How Do You Learn After Effects
On A Startup Budget?

Let’s face it, most people starting to learn After Effects don’t exactly have a ton of extra cash laying around.

I sure didn't…

And this makes it hard to afford hiring mentors, teachers, experts and the other support systems that speed things up and make learning Adobe After Effects easier.

The reality for most new video editors is they have to figure everything out on their own.

It can be really hard (and even lonely) when...

There’s no coach in your corner cheering you on… You don’t have a mentor guiding you… Or you have nobody to call when you hit a roadblock and have some questions.

…. And that’s why most new video editors end up getting stuck, frustrated, and sometimes even quit using After Effects.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…


“Introducing The After Effects Academy”

That’s why we’ve created a community and entire training resource for new After Effects editors like yourself.

A place where somebody just starting to learn After Effects can get access to the support they need to be successful.

...all for a tiny fraction (less than the price of an internet connection) of what you’d normally have to invest in an in-person After Effects training class.

It’s called, “The After Effects Academy” - A club where people who are starting out in Adobe After Effects can learn, hang out, network, and get educated about what they need to know to create great looking video presentations in After Effects.

And I consider it…

The Ultimate Shortcut To Learn After Effects…

Imagine being able to see, first hand, how we at Bluefx use Adobe After Effects
and see the, workflow shortcuts and templates we use everyday to make our After Effects videos.

Things like:

  • Reducing the render time in After Effects
  • Previewing After Effects videos the fast way
  • Editing and using our After Effects templates
  • Connecting After Effects with Premiere Pro to edit videos faster
  • New tools and templates we use to optimize our workflow

Not only do I want you see and learn exactly how we do things, but I also want to give you…

Full Permission To Use These Same
Systems & Templates In Your Own Videos

Can you imagine how much faster you would be able to build your videos, being able to use proven workflow formulas and After Effects templates instead of having to create them yourself?

How much time you would save?

How much trial & error you would avoid?

Well...this is just one of the several benefits you get inside the After Effects Academy.

All for just $67 right now.

Here’s all the details and breakdown of…

The Benefits Of Being An After Effects Academy

Member Benefit #1
LIVE Monthly Training Classes

When you’re starting to learn Adobe After Effects, is when you’re going to have the most questions and need the most support. You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re having to hold you back for days or even weeks.

Each month you’ll have the opportunity to ask me and the BlueFx team, ANY question you have about learning and using After Effects.

Ask us anything!

  • Get direct clarification about workflow shortcuts and effects, you learn inside the After Effects Academy reference library
  • Get fast, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter in working with After Effects.
  • Get feedback or a second opinion on new ideas or projects you’re thinking about or working on
  • This call is about YOU and getting you the specific targeted help you need as soon as possible. Our After Effects teacher will stay on until the last question is answered each and every month, so you’re always moving forward!

Member Benefit #2
After Effects Academy Mastermind

The After Effects Academy Mastermind is our exclusive Facebook community – and includes an entire network of like-minded video editors, experts, and teachers we have brought together to support you & your After Effects learning journey.

  • Connect with other like minded video editors who are also starting out in After Effects
  • Make friends, business connections, potential partnerships and also accountability partners to keep you focused and moving forward
  • Get your questions answered directly by our team of experts, and myself.
  • Get quick and direct feedback, critiques, and perspectives on your presentation videos and your demo reels, from the mastermind community
  • Tap into the vast pool of combined resources that is only available when a group of video editors come together like this
  • And much, much, more…

Grand Opening Special...

Get Everything For 30 Days –
For Just $67

Yes, this week only…

Your investment is only $67.

...And I’m sure it goes without saying, but it isn’t profitable for us to give away
this entire training resource for $67.

So... In case you’re wondering if there’s any sort of “catch”...

There isn’t. And…

Here’s Why we’re Making This
Very Generous Offer

  • A live, in-person After Effects training class, costs between $1000 and $1500 and that isn’t always realistic to somebody just getting started. We designed the After Effects Academy to be accessible to somebody in the beginning stages of their learning process, who still wants the best training.
  • Where do our best customers and clients come from? Almost everyone who invests in our premium After Effects templates started out by watching one of our free videos, subscribing to our newsletter, or purchasing one of our “starter” templates with training… and I want you to be one of those people, too… and I know once you experience the value inside The After Effects Academy each month, you’ll be excited to go on to the next level as well.

What Happens After 30 Days?

It’s my hope after you experience the incredible value of the After Effects Academy...

You’ll consider choosing me and the BlueFx team, for the long term and staying involved in the After Effects Academy.

If you do, I would love to provide you with all the support you need in learning After Effects.

And if not, I understand – just cancel before 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

But If you do love the After Effects Academy (which I think you will)...

You’ll automatically be renewed at the very special grand opening rate of only $67/month.

Which is 64% off the normal price of $147.

That’s it.

I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Click the button below and let’s get started!


Join Now And You Also Get 12 Grand Opening
Bonuses Free ($914 Value)

To celebrate the launch of After Effects Academy and because I really want to make this a complete ‘no brainer’ for you...

I’d like to offer you 7 individual After Effects training courses
And 5 Premium After Effects Templates, for free

as a special bonus when you take action and join the After Effects Academy this week….

We've created these series of step by step crash courses that teach you each of the foundational aspects of learning After Effects and creating videos that attract clients to your business.


We normally sell these training programs for $97 each.
And we sell the 5 after effects templates for $47 each.


But when you join the After Effects Academy I’m going to include all 12 items as part of your charter membership. You get access to them immediately when you become a member.

The total value of this bonus is $914

Here’s a closer look at each training resource and template you get access to as soon as you join the After Effects Academy

Grand Opening Bonus #1

Learn The Basics Of After Effects And Edit Any Template 

This crash course will teach you the basics of Adobe After Effects so you can edit any After Effects template you find on the net.

You’ll get a quick tour of the After Effects interface focusing on the panels and switches of that are important for template editing.

  • You’ll learn how to import your videos, audio, images, logos, and graphic files.
  • You will see how to edit text and how to change the size of images
  • We’ll show you a fast way to preview your After Effect project
  • You’ll learn the 5 step render method.

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #2

Render The Right Way In After Effects

Uncover how to render fast in Adobe After Effects, this way you don’t have to wait hours for a simple video to finish rendering.

  • You’ll also learn how to avoid render crashes
  • How to render video with a transparent background.
  • How to set up you machine for high speed After Effects renders.
  • Witch video formats and codecs to use in your videos
  • How to export your video to mp4 , QuickTime and other popular video formats
  • How to use the Adobe Media Encoder, so you can keep working in
    After Effects while your videos are rendering

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #3

After Effects Shortcuts That Save You 2 Hours Per Day

These are the shortcuts that we use to speed up our workflow in After Effects. Each shortcut is presented in a quick demo video.
The course includes:

  • Shortcuts for navigating the interface
  • Shortcuts for editing video and layers
  • Shortcuts for keyframes and properties
  • Shortcuts that we use to edit After Effects templates

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #4

10 Essential After Effects Plugins

This is a demonstration of those plugins that we at Bluefx use, on a daily basis. We use these to:

  • Speed up your workflow
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Speed up the animating process
  • Enhance the visual effects. And much, much more..

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #5

Expressions in After Effects

Expressions are little lines of codes you put next to a property.

Those lines of code create numbers or words, sometimes, that describe the behavior of a property and they do that without the need to use keyframes:

  • They let you bypass a lot of work, like video game cheat codes.
  • You can use properties from one layer to control other layers.
  • They use fewer or no keyframes.
  • You can use math to describe motion.
  • Expressions are easy to change.

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #6

Green Screen Editing Basics In After Effects

In this course you will learn how to edit Green Screen in Adobe After Effects.

  • How to achieve a perfect key for your green screen footage,
  • How to eliminate the semitransparent areas
  • How to get smooth yet crisp edges
  • Enhance the visual effects. And much, much more..
  • Basic color correction
  • How to seamlessly integrate your actor footage with the background, and much more...

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #7

Build A Demo Reel That Gets Clients

A complete overview of the key elements needed to create a video demo reel that attracts clients to your business.

Inside this program you’ll learn:

  • How to use the A.I.D.A. sales structure inside of your demo reel and sales videos. This is the blueprint that I use to develop the BlueFx Sales Video formula.
    You will also see a breakdown of how we use this system in our videos and how you can build your videos on the same structure, to attract more clients.
  • How to understand the mindset of your client, so you can build a demo reel, focused on the client needs.
  • Use the golden of 7 seconds, to stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of potential clients.
  • How to share your demo reel with a client–Hint: I don’t recommended Youtube

Value: $97

Grand Opening Bonus #8

4 Logo Template Pack After Effects Template

Create stunning logo animations videos using the
4 different logo intros. Just drop in your logo and you are done. It works with vector logo as well as text logos.

  • -You can change all of the text, images and videos.
    -You’ll also get a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to edit this template.
    -No Plugins are needed.
    -Full HD resolution 1920x1080
    -Compatible with After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 CS6 and all CC versions

Value: $47

Grand Opening Bonus #9

Demo Reel -After Effects Template

The BlueFx Demo Reel after Effects template helps you create your demo reel quickly and easily.

  • -It supports up to 30 images or videos.
  • -It comes with 6 pre made text animations, for your title name company and contact information.
  • -You can change all of the text, images and videos.
  • -You’ll also get a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to edit this template.
  • -No Plugins are needed.
  • -Full HD resolution 1920x1080
  • -Compatible with After Effects  CS3, CS4, CS5 CS6 and all CC versions

Value: $47

Grand Opening Bonus #10

Happy Photo Show -After Effects Template

This After Effects template will make your personal videos look amazing, just drop in your images or videos.

    • -It supports up to 42 images or videos.
    • -You can change all of the text, images and videos.
    • -You’ll also get a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to edit this template.
    • -No Plugins are needed.
    • -Full HD resolution 1920x1080
    • -Compatible with After Effects  CS3, CS4, CS5 CS6 and all CC versions

Value: $47

Grand Opening Bonus #11

Slideshow Clean Style -After Effects Template

The Slideshow Clean Style After Effects template will help you create elegant and simple slideshow videos.

-You can add up to 60 images or videos.
-It also contains 10 pre made text animations
-You can change all of the text, images and videos.
-You’ll also get a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to edit this template.
-No Plugins are needed.
-Full HD resolution 1920x1080
-Compatible with After Effects  CS3, CS4, CS5 CS6 and all CC versions

Value: $47

Grand Opening Bonus #12

Video Production Story -After Effects Template

With this After Effects Template you can build a presentation video, advertising your video editing services. All you have to do is change the text and pop in your own logo.

-You can change the background  colors with 1 click
-You can change all of the text, images and videos.
-You’ll also get a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to edit this template.
-No Plugins are needed.
-Full HD resolution 1920x1080
-Compatible with After Effects  CS5 CS6 and all CC versions

Value: $47

“The Foundation Training and Template Series”

Try The After Effects Academy Today And You

Get Everything For 30 Days –
For Just $67


100% 30 Day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee

guarantee-sealThe After Effects ACADEMY is the absolute best value we have for a video editor in “startup mode” and I think you’ll agree once you see inside.

Like all our products, the After Effects ACADEMY comes with a 100% 30 Day no-risk, money-back guarantee. You can try the program for a full month for just $67, and if you decide for any reason that it’s not right for you, we’ll happily cancel and refund your order

… And you can keep all the training you’ve received from us up until that point.

That’s the best we can do to help you jump in, and take action to learn After Effects using the systems, workflow shortcuts and After Effects templates that we’ve created


Hurry… $67 Special Ends Soon

The After Effects ACADEMY is going to give you all the support and tools you need to start making stunning After Effects videos , and it’s 100% guaranteed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to claim these bonuses and try the After Effects Academy.

Click the button below, fill out the simple 1-page form on the next page, and you’re in.

You’ll get immediate, instant access to all of the The After Effects Academy resources & all the bonuses.

Click the button below now, and let’s get started!


I’m really looking forward to helping you start building the After Effects video presentations you always wanted.

See you inside!

Here’s What Others Are Saying

" I absolutely LOVE your products and intend to spread the word. I’m learning AfterEffects and there is a learning curve with that. Your tutorials have answered many questions that I have needed solved for a long time. I have been trying to learn AfterEffects because I have the program but until now I was unable to quickly find how to do things.
Thank you again, I am eternally grateful."

- Michelle Monty

" These really are outstanding templates... BlueFX really strikes the balance between style and being able to meld into any project. I like crazy dynamic stuff too, but sometimes the tool I reach for the most is the one that i can use easily in the most places. Thanks for the excellent training too." 
- Bohus Blahut

" Can’t express enough how much I have appreciated the professionalism and top shelf work pushed out by BlueFX. Szilard and the team push out outstanding content and even their Marketing emails are among some of the funniest update emails that you will find out there. Szilard is a hands-on individual who employs a tremendous, responsive and responsible team. The proof is in the details, and BlueFX doesn’t miss any. A go-to company for any project."
- Tony Monaco

"Szilard, Jeff: Excellent job on Render The Right Way course. Amazing tips! Helping me to save time on rendering process. Having scripts along video also help me, cheers!"

- Jaime Orlando Martinez Trejos

"I just wanted to say that I too am very impressed with the quality of the education in the crash course that I completed today. Jeff is a seasoned pro and his approach translates very well in this format. I particularly enjoyed the action steps. I followed along as Jeff demonstrated things and used the action steps as an opportunity to watch and jot down key concepts. The bonus clips are great because they deal with more advanced topics, still in context, but they are the tricks that are essential to one being able to customize templates properly...."

-Stephanie Harnett

"I am highly impressed with the quality of Jeff's After Effects Training Videos. He really gets down to the point quickly and I am learning After Effects after all of these years trying to learn from various training sources."

-David Day

Don’t Miss out…
Grand Opening Ends Soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

In short, what is the After Effects Academy and what do I get?

The After Effects Academy is a resource and community that consists of step-by-step training, After Effects templates, a mastermind group, and personal coaching. We created it to offer the ongoing support and training you need to learn Adobe After Effects.

As a charter member you’ll get:

  • 5 After Effects templates for creating logo animations, slideshows and promo videos (worth $235)
  • 7 Foundation Trainings to learn After Effects and get more clients (worth $679) witch include:
  • Basic After Effects Training to get you started editing templates
  • More in-depth After Effects Trainings to speed up your workflow
  • Access to our Private FB Mastermind Group
  • Monthly Live Classes and Q&A From Our After Effects Teacher
    (these lessons are also recorded and you can access them any time in your membership portal)
  • Grandfathered into the steeply discounted charter membership for life
  • 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (yes, I'll even refund you your $67, if you decide you don't absolutely love everything about the After Effects Academy)

That answers my question, sign me up.

Who is the After Effects Academy For/Who is is NOT for?

If you are just getting started in Adobe After Effects and want to quickly learn the fundamental After Effects skills needed to edit templates or make simple video presentations then the After Effects Academy is perfect for you. Inside you'll be getting the foundational trainings you need to kickstart or take your video creation skills to the next level. You'll get to connect with like minded video editors around or above the same level as you. You’ll get to get your questions answered monthly by my expert coaching staff. And more.

If you already are an advanced After Effects user or a Motion-graphics artist , then the After Effects Academy might not be the best fit for you and you might want to consider some of my more advanced trainings and programs.

That answers my question, sign me up.

Is it really for just $67 dollars?

Yes, during the grand opening, you can try out the After Effects Academy for just $67, for a full 30 days. If you decide to stay on as a member, you'll lock in a steeply discounted, lifetime charter membership for just $67/month instead of the regular price of $147. You can cancel anytime.

That answers my question, sign me up

Whats the catch?

There’s no catch!

It’s no secret that it isn’t very profitable for us to give away this entire training resource for only $67.

The reason I’m making you this very generous offer is because I want to help you get you results, so you’ll consider choosing the Bluefx After Effects Academy for the long term.

It's my hope that after you had a chance to see the incredible value of the After Effects Academy and see the results in your own videos..., you'll choose to stay involved.

That answers my question, sign me up.

How Does The Guarantee Work?

Try out the After Effects Academy For a Full 30 days for $67. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it, simply send us an email at, and I'll cancel your order and refund you your $67. No questions asked. No fine print.

That answers my question, sign me up.

Am I locked into a contract?

No, there is no contract. You can cancel anytime.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be a member of the After Effects Academy, simply send us an email at, and we’ll promptly cancel your membership.

That answers my question, sign me up.

What happens after I place an order?

After you successfully place your order, we’ll immediately send you an email with your order receipt and the instructions on how to access the private membership site and facebook group.

You’ll be able to login to the members site and start going through the training!

That answers my question, sign me up.

Already a member? Log in HERE

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