Green Screen Editing in After Effects Course

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Discover How To Create Spectacular Green Screen Videos That Make Your Video Presentation Look Amazing!

In this course, you will learn how to edit Green Screen in Adobe After Effects, so you can replace the background of your green screen video with a new location and make the video look more professional.

At the end of this course you will know how to key out green screen footage, from high-quality studio recordings and even from low-resolution improvised shots.

Editing green screen can be a daunting and tedious job.
Without the proper technique it’s almost impossible to get even decent results.

However, following the steps described in this course will enable you to get very fast results and with the minimum amount of effort.

We’ll show you exactly:

  • how to achieve a perfect key for your green screen footage,
  • how to eliminate the semitransparent areas,
  • how to get smooth yet crisp edges and much more.

To add even more value to this course, we’ve also included a set of lessons

  • color correction 
  • how to seamlessly integrate your actor footage with the background and fit perfectly in the context.

Benefits of using green screen:

  • you can use professional backgrounds for the presenter
  • different locations
  • you can use your own branding such as logo or corporate colours
  • you can set up video press releases
  • motion graphics can be added in conjunction with the actual footage
  • an overall much more professional look for your video and message

After you have completed this course you will know how to key out green screen footage in Adobe After Effects.
The course is easy to follow and it will teach you how to key out green screen footage, from high-quality studio recordings and even from low-resolution improvised shots.

So click the yellow button on the right side and access the entire course right now.


FREE BONUS #1 (worth $19) Animated Lower Third After Effects Template

This professional Lower Third After Effects template is great for adding titles to your presentation. The colors can be changed with 1 click, to match your brand’s colors.

FREE BONUS #2 (worth $19) Logo Animation After Effects Template

This logo animation After Effects template makes your video introduction look great.

  • You can easily drop in your logo and the template automatically animates it. (you can use also a text logo or an image logo)
  • The audio track is also included.
  • This template comes with a free tutorial video showing you step by step how to animate use it, so even complete beginners in After Effects can make an amazing logo animation using it.


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