Rendering in Adobe After Effects


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Rendering, basically, is the process After Effects uses to convert a comp into a video.
It’s sometimes called exporting or transcoding. But the term in After Effects is rendering.

There are dozens of settings and formats you can use, each affecting the quality of the video and the duration of the render process.

In the upcoming lessons, Jeff will show you which settings make After Effects render fast while keeping your videos sharp.
If you have ever rendered a project in Adobe After Effects you know that some renders can take hours to complete.

But changing just a few of settings can reduce the render time dramatically. Here at BlueFx, we’ve tested a wide range of render settings and have come up with an approach that can cut your render times by 75%. For example, from two hours down to less than a half hour.

The goal is to spend less time waiting for a render to complete, so you can finish your projects fast.


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