AE: Quick Tips for Better Workflow: Part 2


In this video tutorial series,I show a few tips for better workflow. This video will cover navigation tips.

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After Effects Text Tutorials of the video

I’m Gyorfi Szilard, welcome to CreativeCow! This is the second part of my tutorial. Let’s look at navigating in After Effects.

Let me show you one of my favorite shortcuts  the tilde key. So if I put my mouse over any panel, and hit the tilde, it maximizes the view to nearly fullscreen  push it again, and it will bring it back. You don’t even need to select the panel, just mouse over it.

Let me show you something really interesting. This pattern  I made this effect with text. This is just a text layer with an effect  here’s the layer, it’s precomposed. If I want to open it, I hold down Alt and double-click, in CS3; in CS4 you double click and enter the composition. This is the text  Bluefx.net, who could that be? I see this interesting effect. It’s made with the CC Kaleida effect. I could change the look of this by changing the position of the text layer, but I don’t really like this. Nope  not as good as I would like it to be. But it would be cool to see both of together, wouldn’t it? Let me show you a trick: Select the Composition panel, hold Ctrl-Alt-Shift and N. Now we have two views, both the same; but one of them is locked. So if I open up the text composition, I can see the text on this left side, and the other composition on the right. Check this out  I move the text, and everything updates in real time. This can be cool, and really useful when you have more complex projects.

What else can I show you? Let’s say you have a lot of panels, and a lot of compositions open. You’d like to close them quickly, but this can be annoying, searching for the little X, so here’s a better way. Hold Ctrl and hit W  it closes the panel.

With many comps open, it can be difficult to find the comp I’m looking for. But there’s a shortcut for this  if you press Alt-Shift-comma or Alt-Shift-period, you can move quickly between them.

One last shortcut. I made up a scene here, with a bunch of 3D layers. I’m sure you have seen this look before, when you select the 3D layers, and the edges or gizmos appear like this, and this can be very confusing, because I have to deselect with F2, then select the layer, try to move it, and the edges can really make things hard to see. So here’s a really useful shortcut  if you hit Ctrl-Shift-H, everything disappears, so you can still select the layers, and you can still move them, but the edges are not visible. Again, if you hit Ctrl-Shift-H, everything reappears. This can save you a lot of time, and make your work easier.

Finally, I’d like to show you a pretty useful application from Adobe, called the Adobe Shortcut App. You can download it from Adobe.com, it’s free. The link is under the video to download it. It’s a collection of shortcuts for all the Adobe products, including Illustrator, Photoshop, and of course After Effects. Here you have the essential shortcuts; I advise you to check them out. Here you have all the shortcuts, and here are the other ones, and you can put some shortcuts into your Favorites. Let’s say I like this shortcut, and I’d like to make it easily accessible; I click it, and add it to my Favorites, and it shows up in that panel.

I hope this tutorial was useful! Thanks for watching.



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